Name given by the First Family to an unspecified location which, as its name suggests, appears to be an exclusive and very private retreat on, or very near to, the overground where the President-General cultivates roses. Apart from that, very little is known save for the suggestion that it also functions as an R&R centre for special agents of the First Family. (Dark Visions: An Illustrated Guide to the Amtrak Wars.)

This page was created with the purpose of housing some resources which didn’t quite fit in with the details given on the Guns Islanders clan page.

Cloud-Warrior is a character from the science fiction series of novels, The Amtrak Wars, by Patrick Tilley. The logo shown above is that of the Amtrak Federation in the books, and it is based on the pre-Holocaust US Air Force logo. I quite enjoyed these stories, and one of my favourite synthesizer artists, Vangelis, even gets a mention in the future!

If you just want to find out more about me and my non-Quake related activities, go to my home page.

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