Spud's Last Day

Thanks to all who showed up for Spud’s testimonial last night. We had a great turn out from Spud’s former clans GI, CP and Moo. On IRC we had a special guest from Stanford, Poor_Monkey… Spud was really chuffed to see him too! Some of the other people who turned up to say hello yesterday included DC-Carnage, DC-MNK, DC-Nightwing (had to go off :/), CP-Lucifer, Granny-Moo, ^Spud-Moo, WHA-Bunny, SPG-Baggins and SPG-Toast. Thanks also to Hakeem for providing us with the SK practice server at the last minute to play on.

We started off a series of three games on death32a, with the Spud team (GI-Spud, CP-Nitric, CP-Scary and Headache-Moo) versus the Cloud team (GI-Cloud, CP-Strider, INC-Mickah and WHA-Koopa). I let in Mouserat towards the end, but he changed teams by accident (my ALT key runs my autoexec.cfg) and his QWCL crashed and burned. I think we won by between 5 and 10 frags. There was some brutal packetloss, I don’t know how he did it but Headache came near the top of the frags list even though he had 30 to 50% PL at times.

Our second game was on old favourite ukcldm2, with a slightly larger team of Spud, Stitchface, Nitric, Scary and Headache (replaced by MerIDiaN and Poohmeister) taking on Cloud, Mouserat, Koopa, Alan and Strider. Final score in this game was 153 (Spud) to 125 (Cloud). I ruled at the YA 🙂 “Stitchface” was fairly handy too.

Last game on e1m2 was the closest, wha’? Spud, Nitric and MerIDiaN against Cloud, Mouserat and Strider. This was fun, I can’t remember how many times the word “draw” appeared on the screen, but Spud’s team narrowly beat us by 2 frags at the end. So Spud’s team won by 2 games to 1. No, we didn’t _let_ him win!

Anyway, on behalf of GI, I would like to say thanks to Spud for being a great opponent and teammate over the past year or two, hopefully this won’t be the end of his Quake career and he’ll be back to us when he gets that ADSL 🙂 Take it easy Andy.

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