VWep with SeP

An interesting photo shoot took place on ffa1.quake.ie:27501 this morning with photographer SeP and QuakeWorld’s new VWep model, Cloud-Schiffer. If you’re interested in getting this exclusive new evening wear for yourself, you can order it now from our new online catalogue at ftp.quake.ie and hang it in your very own “quakevwep” wardrobe (check out vwep.txt in the file vwep.zip for more details).

Here’s what Quta][Pionir has to say about it on the UK Quake mailing list.

Enable that new Vweap patch! You don’t drop packs, you drop the weapon you are holding (although it will contain other ammo like a pack would), so everyone still see you switching to whatever weapon and dropping shotguns. You won’t stop the dropping of shotguns, but you’ll know not to guard them for teammates, and you’ll know the opposition are using scripts. It’ll mean that naming and shaming list is no longer required as players can see for themselves.

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