IQ2CL Losses for GI

It’s been a tough few weeks for GI in the IQ2CL. We’ve lost all three of our games so far, which I guess could be put down to a lack of practice for (and knowledge of, in my case!) the Quake 2 levels involved.

First loss was to DzR on q2dm1 (25/04/99), losing 132 to 50, the second was to HIV on q2dm2 (02/05/99), losing 119 to 22, and last week’s (16/05/99) scores are shown below.

DF wins, 60 to 7.
Map: q2dm4

Team GI (7 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 GICloud-Warr   7    8    0  31   1   -24     0.25
 GItoil         0    3    0  30   3   -30     0.09
 Euclid         0    0    0   1   0    -1     0.00

Team DF (60 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 [DF]GlassMan  22   22    0   4   0    18     5.50
 [DF]The Bra!  20   22    0   3   2    17     4.40
 [DF]Maximili  18   18    0   4   0    14     4.50

We’ve also had poor numbers for the games so far, with terrible connections to the UK causing the majority of our problems. New member Lemon Head has been playing a stormer though, and he’s also written us a handy set of drop weapon / ammo binds.

Quake 3 Test vs. IHV

I’ve been running two Q3Test servers at on ports 27960 and 27961. These should be moving to in the next week or so as they fill up very quickly. Here’s a shot of a Q3Test scores listing.

It’s certainly a big improvement over the Q3IHV which was leaked earlier on in the year (check out this shot of Ireland/Cloud’s first Quake 3 frag). I like the way it shows your placing along the way (DeVore gets his revenge with the rail gun and takes second place), and also the way it tells you what player you’re looking at (a rarely used but very handy option which originally appeared in Q2). Here are some shots of an early attempt by someone to convert Q1’s dm6 to the Q3 map format (1, 2, 3, 4).

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