IQ2CL Cheating Scandal

I was away for the final GI game last night (06/06/99) against LSD, so since I have _the power_, I decided to check in to the server this morning and see if the score was recorded in the server logs. Doing a search for LSD, I came across this snippet on Q2WAR2…

[HIV]CastorTroy entered the game (clients = 8)
[DzR]Spoonman: kwq2dm1
[HIV]CastorTroy: sher
[DF]Pebble: conor name a few levels to try out
[LsD]KinDreD: el
[HIV]CastorTroy: wheres the rest of LSD or your match?
[LsD]KinDreD: what CT
[HIV]CastorTroy: your game in the iq2cl
[LsD]KinDreD: gone back to reality
[DF]Pebble: here, i'll play for lsd tonight
[HIV]CastorTroy: vs GI at 8.30
[LsD]KinDreD: o rite
[HIV]CastorTroy: i.e. now
[LsD]KinDreD: o shite
[HIV]CastorTroy: come on
[HIV]CastorTroy disconnected
[LsD]KinDreD: ffs
[LsD]KinDreD: here someone pretend to be in lsd
[LsD]KinDreD: eamo
[LsD]KinDreD: krash
[DF]KrAsH: meee
[LsD]KinDreD: aye
[LsD]KinDreD: whats the addy?
[DF]KrAsH: ive got no df game tonight
[DF]Pebble is now known as [LSD]HeadCase.
[LSD]HeadCase: this ok?
[LsD]KinDreD: aye
[LsD]KinDreD: whats the addy
[LsD]KinDreD: ?
[LsD]KinDreD: lds?
[LsD]KinDreD: lads
[DF]KrAsH: ahh youre such a quad ho
[DzR]Spoonman: stay away from that lift :)
[DF]KrAsH: ahh its very nature calls me towards it
[DzR]Spoonman: I know
[LsD]KinDreD: lads war1
[LsD]KinDreD: put on lsd tags
[LsD]KinDreD: krash
[LSD]HeadCase disconnected
[LsD]KinDreD: come on
[DF]KrAsH: whee?
[LsD]KinDreD: war1
[LsD]KinDreD: plz
[DF]KrAsH: k
[LsD]KinDreD: change your nick
[DF]KrAsH is now known as [LsD]Gomez.
[LsD]KinDreD: goo laa
[LsD]KinDreD: yea good stuff
[LsD]Gomez disconnected
[LsD]KinDreD disconnected
Ripper: where they all go?
[DzR]Spoonman: gone to play for lsd

I think the IQ2CL1 server was down, so LSD moved on to play their GI game on Q2WAR1.

[LSD]HeadCase entered the game (clients = 3)
[LsD]Gomez entered the game (clients = 4)
[LsD]Gomez: eloha mes sinoritas
[LSD]HeadCase: lo lads
[HIV]CastorTroy: lo
[DzR]Shank: lo
[LsD]KinDreD entered the game (clients = 5)
[LsD]KinDreD: sorry lads i missed the bus
[LsD]KinDreD: wheres GI?
[LsD]KinDreD: connecting to dublin brb
[DzR]Shank: i'll get em
[LsD]Gomez: i smell a defualt win
[LsD]KinDreD: get rid of the other kindred ct
[HIV]CastorTroy: ?
[LsD]KinDreD: a ghost
[LsD]Gomez: ooo GI are shite arent they
[HIV]CastorTroy: cant,m no admin on thsi server
[LsD]Gomez: should be fun
[LSD]HeadCase: railgun
[LSD]HeadCase: rg/ps
Euclid: lo
Euclid: oooh its working
[LsD]Gomez: aight mo nigga
[LSD]HeadCase: okey dokey
Euclid: omguh
[HIV]CastorTroy: lads change the skins there
Euclid: playable ping
[LsD]KinDreD: hello timmy tea cups
Euclid: ah 350 back to normal :]
Euclid: y0
Euclid: i lub my p1ng
GI-Lemon Head: hehehe
[LsD]KinDreD: the skins ok ct?
[HIV]CastorTroy: change em Sher
[LsD]KinDreD: im not cap
[LsD]KinDreD: awwrite?
[LsD]KinDreD: GI only have 2?
[HIV]CastorTroy: aye, Euclid change yr teamskin to
[HIV]CastorTroy: male/iq2clred
Euclid: heh
[LSD]HeadCase: vonor you admining?
[LSD]HeadCase: conor
Euclid: LAG FFS
[HIV]CastorTroy: after a fashion, i have no fookin admin
[HIV]CastorTroy: password
GI-Lemon Head: tim : do set cl_maxfps 31
[HIV]CastorTroy: is this all thats comin then?
[LSD]HeadCase: lag is pissy
Euclid: yeah i guess
GI-Euclid: heh
[LsD]KinDreD: all for lsd anyway
[LsD]Gomez: u need 3 per side yeh ? so we get an official
[LsD]Gomez: win rite
[HIV]CastorTroy: off yis go then, ready up
[LsD]KinDreD: nah we'll play
[LsD]KinDreD: fuck it like
[LSD]HeadCase: ssdm_dump
GI-Lemon Head: oooh this will be fun
[LsD]KinDreD: GL
GI-Euclid: lol
GI-Euclid: :)
[LsD]Gomez: wtf
[LsD]Gomez: dont tell me i dont have the skins
[LsD]Gomez: ahhh shite
[LsD]KinDreD: haha
GI-Euclid: heheheheheh
[LsD]Gomez: i swore i had them
GI-Euclid: LOL
GI-Euclid: LOL
[LsD]Gomez: o crap i really need these skins
[HIV]CastorTroy: go and dl them from the site then
[HIV]CastorTroy: its 25k
GI-Euclid: lol
GI-Euclid: mon hyoose
GI-Lemon Head: :)
GI-Euclid: i lub j00
GI-Lemon Head: i wub ooo too
[LsD]Gomez: was it that funny ya stinkin ho
GI-Euclid: heheheheh
[LsD]Gomez: oooo
[LsD]KinDreD: wah
[LsD]Gomez: ok i downloaded the skins
[LsD]Gomez: ahh who killed me 8 times
[LsD]Gomez: ya stinkin ho's
GI-Euclid: lol
[LsD]Gomez: i gotto reconnect huney bunnys be right back
[DF]KrAsH: yo
[DF]KrAsH: ahh games going on
[LsD]KinDreD: abc
[HIV]CastorTroy: ye
GI-Euclid: LOL
GI-Euclid: LOL
[LsD]KinDreD: gey
GI-Euclid: lol
[DF]KrAsH: loha mes compadres
[LsD]Gomez: right i managed to exec the fuckin cfg this time
[LsD]KinDreD: lol
[LsD]Gomez: :)
GI-Euclid: gi 0wn j00 wiv dayer 350 pingz :)
GI-Lemon Head: lol
GI-Euclid: heheh
GI-Euclid: NO
[LsD]KinDreD: haha
GI-Euclid: :R)
GI-Lemon Head: oh dear
[LsD]KinDreD: weee
[LsD]Gomez: where are these stankin foo's
GI-Lemon Head: wtf
GI-Euclid: (etc.)
[LsD]KinDreD: im going to shoot your daddy
GI-Euclid: i'm gonna EAT your daddy
[LsD]KinDreD: good
[LsD]Gomez: ahhhh
GI-Euclid: j00 sm3ll
GI-Lemon Head: gay bfg gay
[LsD]KinDreD: yes
[LsD]Gomez: stankin ho's
GI-Euclid: so when is ireland finally gonna get a decent
GI-Euclid: set of conenctions to the rest of the world? :]
[LsD]Gomez: when u shutup foo
[LsD]KinDreD: lol
[LsD]KinDreD: ah
GI-Euclid: hyoose: is is treally shitty conenct for u too?
GI-Lemon Head: 400 ping in fights
GI-Lemon Head: 328 noww
[LsD]Gomez: dont cry about it
GI-Euclid: waaaah
GI-Lemon Head: im not
[LsD]KinDreD: iam
[LsD]KinDreD: ;(
[LsD]Gomez: lol
[LsD]KinDreD: im lagged to fuck to
GI-Euclid: heheheh
[LsD]KinDreD: he used the railgun ffs
[LsD]Gomez: u dirty stkankin ho's
[LsD]KinDreD: {!}
GI-Lemon Head: 0wned :)
GI-Euclid: seriously now,we would 0wn j00 on a real server :)

A wins, 44 to 23.
Map: q2dm8

Team A (44 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 [LsD]KinDreD  16   16    0   7   0     9     2.29
 [LSD]HeadCas  14   14    0   8   0     6     1.75
 [LsD]Gomez    11   11    0   4   0     7     2.75
 [LsD]Gomez     3    4    0   8   1    -5     0.44

Team B (23 frags):
 Name         Scr Kill Team Dth Sui   Net Kill/Dth
 ------------ --- ---- ---- --- ---   --- --------
 GI-Euclid     15   17    0  26   2   -11     0.61
 GI-Lemon Hea   8   10    0  19   2   -11     0.48

So what should be done? I’m not sure that Pebble / WhiteWashMan has even played for DF in the IQ2CL, but nonetheless this last minute player addition or clan swapping just isn’t on. KrAsH, on the other hand, has played for DF, and the league rules are quite clear on this:

You can only play for one clan in the league i.e. no switching from A to B squad if your clan has them.

I’m sure that if we started pulling in new members from some other clan to make a full team, we’d stomp on the opposition too. GI have always believed in playing by the rules, undermanned or fullymanned, but with our own players only. Two words to DF and LSD clan members (KinDreD take note) – cheating sucks.

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  1. Woah what’s with this “kill Team Dth” thing….

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