Review: Big Momma's House

I can just imagine the sales pitch for this film now:

“You remember ‘Mrs. Doubtfire with that zany dude Robin Williams right? Okay, okay, now do you remember ‘Stakeout’ with Richard Dreyfuss and that Martin Sheen’s kid, eh… Eh… Emilio Estefez, that’s him, yeah? Sure, great films – well, we have a definite winner here, it’s a mixture of those two films and with black actors so everyone will enjoy it!”

Unfortunately, the number of hearty audience laughs during this film equalled the number of hairs on Homer Simpson’s head – not very many. Martin (“Bad Boys”) Lawrence is an FBI agent and master of disguise called Malcolm who goes deep undercover as the quite large grandmother of a young woman and son who are hiding from her ex-boyfriend, an escaped murderer [he doesn’t look exactly like her “Big Momma” but it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other so…].

In fact the plot is pretty much all “Stakeout” as the real Malcolm introduces himself as a handyman neighbour and gets friendly with the lady. And of course his FBI partner (across the street from Big Momma’s house) is doing his nut when he sees all this on the video camera.

But we also have this Big Momma character who can be quite amusing in short spells (but the novelty wore off sometime in nineteen-ninety-whenever “Doubtfire” was released). It’s a pity that Lawrence just doesn’t seem to be able to live up to the more recent comparable performances of Eddie Murphy in the “Nutty Professor” / “Klumps”. And the kid factor does not do anything for the film either.

“Big Momma’s House” has already been parodied in “Scary Movie” (and they were only released a month or so apart!) – I don’t think that normally happens with comedies. I wouldn’t waste my time again, I had seen the other two of three films being shown in the cinema so decided to give it a go…


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