Yes, at last I am among the broadband elite. I was surprised at how straightforward the ADSL self-install was, and now I can have tuxmail, eggdrop and streaming internet radio running on my DreamBox satellite receiver. So far, so good. I’m using Esat BT BTW.

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4 thoughts on “ClouDSL

  1. Got my dreambox last week, spent all day today playing with it. Trying to find an image it likes atm!

  2. /me pats ntl 1.5mb connection! God bless their ickle cotton sox!!

    It’s wasted on me but Im sure you will find good use for bb Cloudie.

    /me goes back to watching The.Bourne.Supremecy.TS.Xvid.(maVen)-OneCD.avi


  3. /me hurls fecal matter at Merc

    Cloud; Esat BT business or Esat BT IOL Broadband?

    I’m back int he market looking for something along the lines of 512/256, static IP.
    Ideally Esat BT Business, but for less moolah 🙂

    If you haven’t already, setup a squid proxy on a decent box. Makes life easier.

  4. Ah, but best of all, I now have a browser on my DreamBox. It’s based on the Links browser, and it’s handy for checking stuff during ad breaks on TV 🙂

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