Mosquito in Ireland

The weirdest thing last night, was in bed reading my Sunday Times magazines and heard this thin buzzing noise near my ear. Sounded just like a mosquito, so I hopped up and after two gos I managed to swat it. And, the body looks like that of a mosquito too.

Now I don’t know, but I think that a mosquito in Ireland in November is kind of unlikely, so I guess it must have popped out of the ST magazine (hopping a ride from wherever they were printed) 😦 Any entomologists out there?

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  1. I know this is an old post but the same thing happened to me last night and I googled for “mosquito ireland” and found your blog entry.

    I swatted two of them and trapped a third in a glass jar.. I have a picture of a mosquito in a magazine and its identical.

    However I may have an explanation, I got back from Greece on Saturday night and over there the pests are very common. Perhaps as you suggest they hitched a ride (in this case in my luggage)

    Any thoughts?

  2. Ok i know this is a year since the last entry but i too have just been attack by at least three different mossies right here in Dublin tonight (two of which are now stuck to the wall). Just like you i googled ‘Mosquito Ireland’ and came across your site.
    Wouldn’t have thought it was possible but we just arrived back from Ecuador less than a week ago and are now wondeing if it’s in any way possible that these beasts maybe stowed away in our bags or laid eggs and have just hatched out to attack poor innocent Irish folk??? Anyone know anything???

  3. Well I am in ireland and not being away i was out in my green last night a fly landed on me and then the fecker bit me when I googled ‘Mosquito it looked exactley like one. Guess the weather is keeping them alive from where ever it came

  4. Got bitten twice last night… outside at dusk. Once on arm, once on face. Felt a nip on my arm, looked down and there was a mossie drinkin’ away! Killed another in the house later on too.. I haven’t been out of Ireland since May. Not the first time I’ve been bitten by one this year, once last year too.
    Steve (Galway)

  5. I was bitten twice over the weekend. I think it was a mosquito, it looked really like a mosquito but didn’t make the high pitched sound?? Anyway I’ve 2 big bumps on my arm.
    At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to some duck I scoffed, but then my missus said dont be daft, its the mosquitos.
    John (Galway)

  6. ok we’re riddled here in clare its october it really warm and they are everywhere i dont mind but my sis is 6 months pregnant and its more than she can bear i dont think i really minded when i got a bite on my forehead and i ended up lookin like le invalid de notre dame but laura lost her keys in the garden and that is 1/2 a acre o occupied terratory it is a war zone here does anyone know what breaks down the protein in their saliva that causes the itch please b4 we end up in a episode of faulty towers


  8. Hello

    We are actually selling a product called Mosquito on When some people see the name Mosquito they will often start to recount to us the number of mosquito insects that they have seen around the country. It can be a bit arkward for all when they realise that the product is not in fact a mosi controller but a device aimed at combating antisocial behaviour. The key point to note though is how many people have had encounters with mosquito insects, as can be seen by some of the posts here.
    Thanks for your time.

  9. For a number of summers probably, the last three mosquitoes have bitten me on numerous ocassions. I haven’t been abroad in that time so I can’t have transported them from somewhere else. I live in Dublin by the way.

  10. Mosquitos in Sligo in March 2007 definitely bitten and sore- inside the house and outside in the garden

  11. At this very moment I have no fewer than 10 mossie bites on one of my legs and none anywhere else. This may be the first time I will curse global warming…

  12. We’ve just seen what we think is a mosquito. It looked like a big wasp but completely black and hovered not like a wasp and had a lot longer legs. Could someone please let me know if mosquitoes are common in Ireland and if this description fits a mosquito?

  13. Just killed a huge male mosquito this morning in my apartment…it seemed kinda drunk, probably cause the weather is pretty cold and they’re cold-blooded…I know its a male mosquito cause I’m originally from South Africa and there they are plentiful…

  14. I in N.Ireland, Just got bitten by what looked like a mosquito. This is not the first time I have seen these things the same happened last year.

  15. My preggers girlfriend got three huge bites in her bum three nights ago, we were sitting outside, she’s not a happy camper, nearly nine months pregnant and bites on her ankles and bum, I also got them on my arms, three days later and no sign of them going away, these were brutes, could they have been mosquitoes?

  16. Hi Folks ,
    they are definitely here ! Haven’t been away , was working at computer Sunday night , was being buzzed by what I thought was a very cheeky persistant blue bottle , didnt really look up , finishing a deadline . Woke up Monday with 3 massive bites to Knee , Shoulder & Belly . All swollen , sore & Itchy . I hope the little scanky pest dies will be taking Vit B not just when travelling , they hate the taste of Vit B. bitter blood . It does work .
    Will swap and ask questions later from now on.

  17. I have no idea were there coming from but I have another large mosquito in my bedroom this morning.

  18. I find it funny that mosquitoes are not a big problem in the UK. We have just a little rain around the states and we are flooded with them, even in the colder states. It seems that there are a few new breeds of the mosquito. If you would like more information on the pesty creatures you can go to You can also feel free to go to for more information.

  19. Hi, August 2007 – Mosies in Wexford too. I got bitten on friday and the lumps and bumps are not pleasant! They must be invading all over the country!!

  20. Just got a few fresh bites, just back from Fiji three days ago and just killed one, hope its the only one, it was pretty big, Only one I’ve ever seen in Wicklow, do you reckon theres eggs in my baggage, stayed overnight in Abu Dhabi aswell so if it came from Fiji its a tough one, Im a bit freaked out!

  21. Hi, According to Mooney goes wild, RTE Fri 24.08.2007, mosquiutos are indigenous to both Ireland and UK. I first saw a mosquito in this country in a restaurant in Abbeyleix 1997. Was living in Africa at the time and had no difficulty identifying the critter, only astounded as didn’t know at the time they were indigenous.
    Since then (having returned to live here), have seen 1 or 2 pretty much each summer in our bathroom in Dublin. Aparently the last person of note to die in these islands from Malaria was Oliver Cromwell, but there were a number of fatalities in the late 1890s in Cork where wounded soldiers from the Crimean war were treated, and indigenous mossies bit them and spead malaria to local people.
    Also claimed was that fact people notice them more has nothing to do with global warming but is from change of lifestyle, firstly we have experience from overseas trips where they are more prevelant and can identify sound and bite, and also (past non summer excluded) we eat and socialise a lot more outdoors, 20 years ago bar b queing was almost unknown here. Previously bites would have been ascribed to midges gnats and horesflies.
    I came on here hoping to find out more about the species of mosquito which is indigenous here, so if anyone knows, perhaps they will leave a post .

  22. Question if contacted will the council come and fog areas heavily affected by mosquitoes… estate is swarming with them?

  23. I agree with Misty – have visited friend in States with a MistAway system. If you don’t know, it is a mosquito misting system installed much like a sprinkler system in your yard. It sprays a couple of times a day and kills the bugs. They are fabulous and you will never have to be bothered by the pesky creatures again!! Check out their website for more info. at Best of luck!

  24. Sept 5th 2007
    Left bedroom window open upstairs for a few hours yesterday evening and returned to find 12 definate mozzies. Dublin

  25. Hoovered up about 50 of the little blighters last night!!!! And more this morning! Im off to the shops to stock up on repelants as I am allergic to them. The little buggers nearly killed me when I was 7 in France and was advised by doctors not to let them bite me! Ooooooh Im itchy all over just thinkin of the little yokes! -Dublin-

  26. I have noticed in the last two years that there have been mosquito’s in my house. This is the first time I’ve ever even come across them in Ireland. I live in Meath. They are definetly mosquito’s, high pitch buzzing, and look exactly like the pictures. I generally have a few in my bedroom at night but funnily enough I never get bitten…prob too much nicotine in my blood. Do you always know when you’ve been bitten?? And if so what do the bites look for? Anything like midgie bites? Just swatted one just while I writing this…lol!!!

  27. Googled mosquito ireland and found this blog. Definitely mozzies here in Cork over the last two weeks when the weather was hotter and sticky. One night last week the house was full of them and I could see them outside banging off the windows. Captured one and checked pictures on the web to confirm. They seemed to have died down now (Sep 12th) as it’s got cooler but there are still one or two around. Haven’t got bit though.

  28. Indeed,

    I have lived in abroad and travelled a bit, and have been based back in Ireland for last 6 years, 4 at this apartment in Dublin 15.Have NEVER had Mosquitoes like I have had coming in The Bathroom skylight over the last week or so.I agree with one of the posters above, that they are probably indigenous to Ireland and the U.K. (They were EVERYWHERE when I lived in an apartment just off the canals in Amsterdam in 1999/2000…The ones in Amsterdam bit like crazy (leaving allergic reactions ((large itchy bumps that you would scratch sub-consciously in your sleep with mosquito disease vectors in parts of Africa/Asia The Americas (Malaria et al.)

    The sudden increase in numbers is probably due to the UNSEASONABLY WET summer (Even for Ireland) we have had , combined with mild temperatures.I vaguely remember childhood holidays on The River Shannon 20 years ago as a kid…and they were there (midges we referred to them as)…but because of the freak weather…they are spreading maybe temporarily into Urban city areas due to the larger areas of standing water that are aroung because of the Wet summer.

    Haven’t been bitten yet..won’t use pesticides in the Home…and don’t wan’t to stain the cream Matt paint on the walls with blobs of red Plasma…but If that plasma starts becoming made of my own….Then it’s WAR!!

  29. …The above should have read…’I never contracted nor heard of anyone contracting any of the parasitic ailments associated with with mosquito disease vectors in parts of Africa/Asia The Americas (Malaria et al.).’..

    somehow the blog edited it out?

  30. in d15 and there are loads of them. i am going to divorce my wife if she leaves another window or door open. iused a fly sway and killed loads, and i mean loads. just bought a commercial fly zapper (not reall expensive) to help kill them but it is not really doing anything. i think they are messing with my head on purpose. im off to the chemist tommorow to see if i can get spray, plug in, or something as iam going nuts. im in my house 4 years now and never had them before.. bring on the frost and snow and kill them all (sorry for the rant)

  31. I also forgot to mention, I find that a normal carpet vacuum cleaner with the end attachment detached, will suck up and obliterate whole teams of them in about 2 minutes….no acrobatics…nasty chemicals….they don’t know what hit them…and they tend to hang around in groups or corners of living areas…so are easy to take out en-masse…Hoovers RULE!!

  32. They are indeed in Dublin 15, Carpenterstown to name but one place. I am plagued by the gits.

    i just finished the ceiling hoovering. i can see the carnage in the dyson drum right now. ahhh, cant wait for a good nights (bite free) sleep!

  33. Mozzies… they home in on your breath… i.e. Co2. so If you stop breathing they will leave you alone ! 🙂 Seriously though…. there are a few things the feckers hate… one is Citrus… so Viciman C in your blood, and Vitamin B is not so desireable… Also a Citronella candle burning in your bedroom will give you a good nights sleep. From the post above… I lived in Amsterdam for a few years and I looked like a human pin-cushion going out to work in the summer months… I know that I positively hate the muggers… I also have taken my share of their pitiful lives too. At any rate… Citronella is yer man! Anothe rmonth os so and they will be gone!
    ‘Tis strange… but I never remember them when I was growing up!

  34. Now I know I’m not going insane! I thought I was the only person in Dublin 15 that was being targeted by those hateful insects. I love God’s creatures, I really do. But I swear I will not stop until all those feckers are dead!!! Let us all declare war on those b******s. KILL AS MANY AS YOU CAN!

  35. I am delighted that I found this website. My family think I am going mad and that I am imagining them. If I hear that they are just flies one more time it will be more that the Mosquitos that get it. I am in Dublin 22 and we are plagued by them. I lost over an hours sleep last night trying to find the Raid and had to settle on a copy of the rules of the road to squash them. Yeah for the government. Useful for something. Yet to be bitten though 🙂

  36. Paugued by these insects in Dublin – They were never a problem in Ireland prior to the 2000’s as I have camped, cycled and travelled in every county in Ireland over the past 30 years.

    My parents both in their late 60’s do not recollect ever encountering these. My grandmother (96 years) never encountered these in Ireland in her long life.


    Consider this but could there presence in the areas identified (all having high number of sub saharan ‘NEW IRISH’) have anything to do with the quantities of illegally imported ‘bush meat’ currently bring brought into Ireland by the so called ‘NEW IRISH’?

    The above is not a racist rant but rather an issue for proactive hygiene and infection control

  37. Hi, I’m in Laois and there are mozzies all around and in my house…. I thought they only existed abroad until my Aunt showed me 3 bites on her face! Can anyone give a scientific explanation please? I know they might sound very blonde but is there a risk of contracting malaria for Irish mosquitos????

  38. Hi, I’m in Laois and there are mozzies all around and in my house…. I thought they only existed abroad until my Aunt showed me 3 bites on her face! Can anyone give a scientific explanation please? I know this might sound very blonde but is there a risk of contracting malaria for Irish mosquitos????

    I live in Swords and it is absolutely swarming with mossies. Have not seen this in my 7 years in Ireland. Reminds me of the Transvaal in my home country.

  40. I live in Tyrrelstown in Dublin 15 also and am absolutely plagued by them. Is fuath liom iad! Every night, I’m killing about 5 or 10.

  41. I live in Wexford and I’ve been attacked a few time in the last 3 weeks by the little feckers.

    At first I thought it was bed bugs, but I examined and none to be found. Then I thought it was midges but now I know for certain it is mossies. I had been leaving the windows in the house open too long into the evening and they were getting in. I have about 50-60 bites on my body. My boyfriend who lives with me hasn’t got one bite which is strange and rather annoying on my part.

    I got a pest control device and hopefully that will work. I close the windows earlier also. Any other tips are welcome.

  42. I thought I was going mad and didn’t say anthing as I’ve never seen mozzies in Ireland until this year. Glad I’m not the only mad perosn out there.

    Why here and why now.

  43. I can’t believe it !!!…. I thought i would find nothing when i too googled ‘Mosquito Ireland) but sure enough i found this page. I live in an old house in Dublin. Our heating has been broken for about 5 weeks and it has been soooo cold over Christmas using stupid electric heaters. I noticeda couple of Mosqito like insects in November but though that it wasn’t possible. Last night i was sittig with a friend from Malaysia and he said to me that he just seen 2 mosquitos. Sure enough there they were. We both killed one and they are definately mosquitos. I have see the odd one around the house the last couple of months. I have NO idea what to do to get rid of them. Apparently they breed near putrid water… I don’t know of any putrid water in my house…. going home on a mission this evening… and i oly got rid o the ants last September… Why me… WHY WHY (ok.. it’s not that bad but i will post agian if i am victorious. St Patrick got rid of the snakes so i’ll take care of the mosquitos 🙂

  44. Finally
    I have a terrible fear of mosquitoes since a trip i took to greece a
    few years back,,,it wasnt the bites that annoyed me,,it was the sleepless
    nights due to their constant BUZZING around your lobes,,anyway i live in
    dublin 17 and as of yet have not had any sleepless nights,,although i
    do have an idea,,,the swords,portmarnock,malahide,coolock are all closely situated near the malahide estuary,,,they need still water for the larvae
    to grow into their mosquito stage,,i was training out in portmarnock a while ago and got ravaged,,it was so bad training had to be called of as it was a massacre,,,this was beside the portmarnock gym,,just beside naomh mearnogs new trainng ground,,
    But i think were facing a losing battle,,,warmer and wetter summers is
    a bad thing,,,
    Anyway,,im going to order my mosquito nets for my bed now,,,,
    let them bite me all they want,,just once i cant hear them! ignoraunce is bliss!

  45. I’ve spent many years trying to convince people that there are mosquitoes in Ireland.
    I live in athlone and have been getting bitten for years (most often during the late summer months).
    I’ve also seen many people (who refuse to believe that we have mosquitoes here) with bites calling them hives.
    People seem to be blaming global warming on the “sudden” appearance of these insects, but as I said they’ve been around for quite a long time.
    Although they do seem to be becoming more common.
    But as far as I know (on what small information I can find) we don’t have malaria carrying mosquitoes in Ireland.

  46. Ok everyone! If you would like categorical proof that mosquitoes do exist in Ireland then follow my directions. If you live in Dublin then take the LUAS and get off at the Dundrum stop. Walk down to the main road going through the village and outside Ulster bank there is a large granite fountain (not in use). There are four basins in the granite that have filled with rain water. Earlier on today I saw what I reckoned were around 3 or 4 hundred mosquito larva in one of the basins with plenty of dead mosquitoes on the surface. I also killed a mosquito in Schull (west cork) the other day. Evil little feckers!!! I HATE THEM!!

  47. I grew up in Ireland but moved to Boston 15 years ago.
    I remember footing turf while working in the Connemara bogs
    and only millions (maybe more?) of tiny midges were biting. I had never seen a single mosquito. However, revisiting Galway several years ago… I was stunned to see a mosquito! Only the females bite but it seems they love Irish blood and track me down everywhere I go… Oh, to makes things worse there’s a new breed of “ninja” mosquito’s that are dead silent. No nice buzzing sound as a forewarning… Slainte….

  48. Just stumbled across this having just had a strange “fly” land on my arm in the garden (around dusk….in Sligo!!!!) She landed on my arm, I felt it and looked down, she looked like she was positioning herself, making herself comfy for a long drink…..and her long pointy thing at the front was pointing skinwards so at that point I flicked her off me…..came inside and “Googled” mosquito images as was sure that’s what she was…….and I was right…….I was in Spain 4 months ago but I think that has nothing to do with this blighter in my garden. I reckon it’s the temperature and humidity that’s keepin the buggers alive in Ireland… 4 year old daughter has a bite on her belly also and I have my suspicians that it was a mosquito that did that too! 😦

    Hate them!

  49. Great to hear that I am not the only poor fecker being pestered by these low lifes – In Portmarnock and I got 7 bites in the back garden last night – managed to kill 2 though –

  50. i don’t think that it was ever scientifically in doubt whether there were mosquitos in Ireland. But, it seems that from the last few mild, wet years we now have to deal with far more of them. maybe some of the people above were bitten by horseflies however? a horsefly bite is short sharp and painful. they are large and a little hairy and hover ominously. mosquito bites on the other hand aren’t noticed until afterwards often as they use an anaesthetic in their bite. This year I was bitten 3 times in a back garden in Blackrock. I was bitten again in my home in Kells, and again at the Electric Picnic festival in Stradbally in Kildare. There were larvae in my pond in kells this year too. A mosquito bite swells like a hive and is quite hard. It tends to redden and become very itchy.

  51. I was in Greece recently and i had told some people at the bar that i had been bitten by a mosquito in Ireland.They all looked at me as if i was telling a tall tale.But i had the bites to prove it. Was football training last night and at the end of training i was being attacked left right and centre by mossies not midges.They are definately here alright.

  52. its after one in the morning and im still awake,afraid to go asleep because for the last 3 nights ive woken up to a loud buzzing sound in my ear,its awful,definatly a mozzie,im terrified!!!!how can i get rid of them?just after killing one actually in my sons room hoping that the dont want to come in here!!!!!!!!

  53. Googled mosquitoes in Ireland and landed on this site like everyone else- I have had a long and painful relationship with these little critters but luckily enough it was only ever when I was abroad…one of the positives about living here was that I never had to worry about them but it looks like times are a changing. I saw one last week and then murdered one one in my kitchen last night and then again this morning. People can say they’ve been here since forever but if they have, they’ve kept themselves under the radar for the past 26 years of my life. I’ve always been pretty conscious of environmental/conservational issues so this really is proof to me and hopefully everyone else that this earth aint the place it used to be and is changing fast.

  54. Oh thank God I found this site…I thought I had caught fleas from my little cat..! Living out side Carrick on Shannon in Leitrim…we cut our grass over the weekend and since then I’ve been eaten alive inside the house. We had the windows open as the weather has been so good so they must have invaded the house. I’ll be out with the hoover later……..

  55. My outside was heaving with them last night, I’m in Waterford. I watched them landing on the window hundreds of them at dusk. Ive found several in the house slightly smaller than the ones you see on holiday but definitely mozzies. None of us have bites though.

  56. Hi for the last week Im worn out swatting these mites . They are a real pain got at least 6 bites today driving me mad with itch. Im in Westmeath I plagued with them for the last week.

  57. I know I’ve heard about mozzies in Ireland before but only after jumping up out of bed last night to the tell tales high pitched whine of the little blighters did I think to google ‘mosquitos in ireland’

    and my poor housemate was asking me about all these ‘flies’ around the house last night, I didn’t really pay much attention to it but after getting the one around my bed I got up and went on the hunt – managed to kill one but keep it intact to check it against pics online, most definately a mozzie and found a good few more in their usual places, around curtains and behind selves.

    Lived in south america for a while and became used to being on the alert for them but back here at home! Mental

    any recommendations for good ways of ridding of them that isn’t toxic….?

  58. Hi, I live in laois and the in the past few days our house has become a haven for the little feckers. I bought my 3 year old daughter a jar with a magnifying glass on top and ended up using it myself to catch one of them. Looked up pics online which confirmed to me that they are mosquitos. I hoovered up at least 30 of them. May try some repellent tomorrow cause they keep coming back

  59. one in my room sat nite in laois at my parents, another tonight, a ‘fly by’ in the kitchen. sounded loud like it was a big one, but didnt see it. About three years now since i have been hearing them / getting bitten. I dont remember them before that. whats going on like? its getting bad. we irish are not used to be supper for flying insects!

  60. Longford:
    About 3 weeks ago I noticed 3 of those little feckers in my room, which soon became 7. I then noticed them throughoutthe house. Thinking they’d move on in a few days I left them at it. Soon it became impossible to sleep with the droning noise of them flying in the dark. As I can’t kill insects, I hoovered them up & let them loose outside (seriously niceof me).
    2 weeks ago I came out in hives & noticed the ever increasingamount of them throughout the house, in curtains, cielings EVERYWHERE……. I felt a pinhch the other day & when I looked down I saw one happily piercing my skin with their sucker thingy.
    This week, even now as I write, one has flown by the screen, one is on the chair next to me (way too comfortable here now, I’m reconsidering my stance in insects, morals & murder). Yuk, those stupid legs trailing behind them as thy fly.
    I have some great big red marks now, very itchy & sore.
    And as ever there are at least 15 to a room.
    Never saw anything like it.

  61. i’ve came aross loads in dublin recently i live around summerhill and ballybough rd in d1 and i’ve just killed one now..seen loads in a previous house i was living in , in and and around the same area..i think its mental!! got to be something to do with the water in the air seen as we’ve been getting no hot weather for a long time! midges are different , small fuckers black live in bogs! but like the rest googled this and looks like i’m not the only victim! unity and quick reflexs and we can get them! UNITE!!!!

  62. Hi folks,

    I work as a Landscape gardener and have seen Mosquitos all over the north of Dublin where i mainly work.
    Only last Friday while i was working in Malahide i noticed that i had been bitten by what i thought must have been a mosquito as in my line of work bites like this are very common and have been bitten by mosquitos numerous times over the summer.
    Unfortunately the next day i was taken into Hospital with what looked like a spider bite due to the two pin like fang marks left on the top of my left hand. A Doctor from South Africa confirmed that it was a Spider bite and due to the reaction i had to the bite he told me i was lucky i went to the Hospital when i did.
    So not only are there mosquitos here in abundance but also spiders which can cause severe pain, swelling, infection, expensive hospital bills and if your really unlucky like i was they wont have the appropriate antibiotic to treat your bite.
    I eventually got the drugs i neeeded and now after almost a week my arm is beginning to return to normal.
    This was a rare case i was told in the Hospital but it goes to show that there are insects in Ireland that you gota watch out for.
    Safe gardening folks!

  63. Thank you all for answering the question in my head all week. July 2nd 2009 now, I am eaten alive. I have about 15 bites on my ankles, calfs and legs. Wrecking my head. My wife just got them yesterday. Her mother lives 9 miles from us and she has the on her hands.

    Thought it was fleas from the dog but she receives regular flea treatment.

    Driving me banannas……………….. Arrgggggghhhhhhh

  64. saw 1 on my knee killed it defo mossi,hours later lump out of my knee in same spot.not good.mosquito s in north dublin 4 sure

  65. Im actually looking to collect mosquitoes this summer for a project, so if anyone is finding them around cork I would be gratefull if you let me know where!

  66. Hi everyone, I was wondering can Mosquitoes travel in your luggage when coming back from holidays abroad and then bite when they get here. I was bitten on the back of the neck by one on Sunday night and my friend had just come back from hols and popped in to see me. Please help….. 😦

  67. I grew up in Dublin. Donaghmede to be exact. Nobody in Ireland that I know has screen doors or windows to keep out mosquitoes.
    I moved to Boston around 1994 and that was my first experience with Mosquitoes. They seem drawn to me while my other friends are left alone.
    I never ever experienced this in Ireland. I can recall spending hours in the fields as a child at all times of the day or night. I was never bitten by anything. I have sat outside of pubs and restaurants at night drinking in Ireland and never been bothered by any insect. You cannot do that in Boston between late April and October.
    If Ireland had mosquitoes you would know it.

  68. Well Sandra I was in the Philippines just this week and as I opened my luggage a ninja mosquito’s came out and now it’s dead now 🙂 and that’s no joke I hate mosquito’s.
    you know just last week my wife’s family but a 9 year old relative to rest after she was bitten and died of dengue fever 4 days later, so if anyone is going to a tropical regions get repellents.

  69. Hi everyone,

    just back from Somerset in England and got several bad mosquitoe bites over there. Everything bites me so I know the different reaction to all bites at this stage of my life. The English just accept that they have mosquitoes along with the continent but will tell you that they don’t carry malaria.

    My husband left our bedroom window open and the light on the other night, literally hundreds of midges flew in, consequently the room had to be sprayed with fly killer. Tried to go asleep in the spare room but had to move to the couch as the mosquitoes were buzzing around my ear in there, dreadful night over the blighters.

    My theory is that we wouldn’t always have had mosquitoes but due to global warming I reckon they’re here to stay.

    I use insect repellent with deet as I get such a bad reaction when bitten that I usually end up on antibiotics. The mosquitoe bites come up in huge black type blisters with massive swelling around the area, extremely painful. These would have to be lanced by the Dr. and then dressed for about two weeks. Scarring lasts about 6 months to a year. However my son says this is very bad stuff and he uses anything that contains Vitamin B., marmite is one I can think of.

    Thats it Folks! Happy hunting.

  70. I’ve done alot of camping in Ireland over the last 20 years, up to 5 years ago the only bites i got were midge bites, and an occasional horsefly bite.

    About 15 years ago, the first newspaper reports concerning mosquito’s were centered around colonies on the north side of Dublin; at that time the concern was their proximity to the Cherrywood hospital for contagious diseases.

    At that time it was generally thought that there were very small colonies that had found sheltered/warm habitats in urban locations, but that the severity of the Irish winter usually killed any that get blown in during the year.

    The last 2 years we just haven’t had those severe winters, the mosquitoes that we’re seeing this year are not the same variety as the north Dublin ones (very large mosquito).

    The best advice i can give you is to make a point of reducing pools of water in your house, garden and neighbourhood. This won’t stop you getting bitten, but if u do get bitten the mosquito can’t start another generation in your house.

    Mosquito netting is a pretty good option too, I got netting for a king-size bed from a specialist shop in Amsterdam that i can hang from ceiling in the summer.

    Hopefully we’ll get a bad winter this year, but to be honest i think they just paving the way for the snake invasion )

  71. Hi Karen Loxton,
    I have a well preserved specimen if you want it you are welcome. I live in Leitrim. Emai me in order to recieve same.

  72. I captured a mosquito today in kerry. I checked mosquito images and this guy is one for sure. There were about ten of them in the sitting room.

  73. Hi,

    I live in Co Leitrim and today captured what i was convinced was a mosquito….. i showed my mam and brothers but they wouldn’t believe me….no I know it was most definitely a mosquito….i was also getting rather large bites recently, mainly at night time and couldn’t believe that these were Midge bites…. however they were obviously mosquitoes!

    I dont know what to make of all this…. xD

  74. I have travelled extensively in Africa and South America and I’ve just got back from a year in Australia, mainly in the tropics and the outback, no Bondi nonsense for me, and believe me, I know exactly what several of Australia’s 300 plus different types of mosquito look like…

    I react extremely badly to all sorts of insect bites, and always have, including to horseflies in particular here in Ireland in our wonderful bogs in Offaly, and to ants and mosquitoes in Australia. Now on my return home to what I imagined would be the great escape from insect attack, I must admit to being astonished at seeing large mosquitoes here all around my house near the Shannon, especially in the usual damp places like the bathroom and near the plug holes and shower curtains etc where mozzies like and breed.

    There is no doubt they are mosquitoes. They have that same high pitched whine when they get close to your ear as mozzies in Australia and Africa and South America. They are far larger than most mozzies I have seen abroad but they do not bite people. At least the ones I’m seeing here don’t! I am a magnet for insects attacks and they haven’t even tried to get me whereas abroad I have to live in 80% DEET insect repellant, or end up on antibiotics for weeks… There have always been mozzies in Europe, but they seem to be species that bite dogs and livestock, and don’t transmit disease amongst humans. However, I do know that in Switzerland, because of milder than usual winters across the whole continent including dear old Ireland, there has been a huge increase in the human-biting, japanese encephalitis-carrying mozzie population.

    I’m a bit miffed that now there seem to be loads of mozzies at home! Here’s hoping for some really harsh cold and dry weather this winter to kill them off!

  75. I just squished one right now on the computer screen but his mate is hovering around and not looking too happy….. What are they doing in North Tipperary anyway?

  76. I suspect they come in with bamboo plants grown in standing water. Like the “lucky” bamboo you find in the shops and at the markets. My roommate had a bamboo plant in a pretty glass vase, and the blasted thing produced two or three mosquitos a day. Maybe that’s why the stick Betta fish in them too.

  77. The wee besturds ate me alive in Portugal and I have been bitten loads of times since I came home after I opened my suitcase so I have it in quarantine.

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