100 Feeds on POTB

POTB has hit the 100 feeds mark, and I haven’t even submitted the boards.ie feeds yet (still investigating if we should stick with vBJournal or not). Thanks for all the positive feedback so far…

mysql> select count(*) from feeds;
| count(*) |
| 100 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)


8 thoughts on “100 Feeds on POTB”

  1. Nice one – I very much like the site.

    Does the “100 monkeys typing…” tagline dynamicly update when more feeds are added? That would be cool.

  2. Would be good to get a full list of the linux.ie feeds; I added individual politics.ie and blogireland.ie feeds this morning. Actually I’d prefer to get the original feeds if that’s possible, since an aggregation of aggregations loses things on the way.

  3. So, for phase II of PoTB ruling the BoggerSphere, how about sticking up some kind of tracker for the blogs so we can measure total traffic to all the blogs and then create a chart of the top blogs. Something like this.

    Actually, one of those simple sitemeters wouldn’t do, would it ? Not if half your traffic comes from an rss feed. You’d need more intelligent tracking software besides an image thingy on the front page.

  4. That britblog looks pretty cool, and if anyone has any other ideas how to get better stats let me know.

    In other news, the number of monkeys typing is now linked to the number in the blogroll 🙂 We’re now at 194, and I suspect once I check the recent submissions this’ll increase a bit.

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