DNS Update Affects POTB

As boards.ie moves to a new IP address, I’ve had to update the POTB IPs. This may take a few hours to propagate.

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3 thoughts on “DNS Update Affects POTB

  1. What’s the new IP address?

  2. The IP is used by other sites so typing it in won’t get you to POTB, although I’ve asked Regi to add a potb.boards.ie alias which we can use in future. Once the DNS updates (shouldn’t take too long hopefully) we will be in business again. You can try using planetoftheblogs.com as opposed to http://www.planetoftheblogs.com as this may not be cached and a lookup of the new IP may occur.

  3. When will I be able to re connect to boards.ie, as I have been unable to for the past 2 days.


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