Windows No More

I’ve switched from Windows XP to Debian Linux. So far so good; converted mail from Pegasus Mail to Thunderbird, and imported IE bookmarks to Firefox. Looking at the stuff I used to use on Windows, the main thing I’ll miss will be my trusty CorelDRAW, but I can either find the Linux version or give WINE a try… I’ve left a stub install of Windows anyway for those applications you just can’t get.

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3 thoughts on “Windows No More

  1. Ooooh. I never new Thunderbird is able to import Pegasus Mail. Is this a built-in option ?

  2. No it doesn’t, but conversion is straightforward if you use the mailconv tool for Windows, as you can export from Pegasus Mail to Netscape (same mailbox type as Thunderbird). There’s also a mailbox renamer utility that renames the Pegasus Mail-exported files to give them real names.

  3. I’ve been trying this myself too… switching my laptop over to Knoppix… having a bit of trouble getting the internet connection up though 😦

    The GIMP could be a nice replacement for CorelDraw… there’s a sweet way to make GIMP into pretty much a Photoshop knock-off here

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