Debian on a Thinkpad R40

To keep track of progress and to help others who may be doing the same, here are some useful resources if you are installing Debian on a Thinkpad R40:

  • – I used this guide to partition my default Windows XP installation (with Partition Magic) into four partitions, one for XP, and one each for Linux /, swap and /home (you can also boot a Knoppix distro and use parted to do much the same). Since my HD was smaller, I proportioned the partitions using similar ratios (5.5/7/.5/12.5).
  • – I downloaded the netinst CD image from here; actually I downloaded the full seven CD 3.0 r5 set before this, but because it seemed to install under a 2.2 kernel the drivers for the onboard ethernet device (e100) was missing and I gave up on that…
  • – This is a very useful page written by someone doing the same, and copying his XF86Config-4 file into my /etc/X11 directory has given me the best configuration so far for X.
  • and – The IBM ACPI driver and Debian packaged versions, useful for getting suspend functions to work.
  • – I have a PCMCIA Netgear WAG511 card, so this guide on installing the madwifi module was clear and worked first time.
  • – I use Thunderbird for my e-mail, so I set up P3Scan as a POP3 proxy which interfaces with spamassassin / razor / pyzor / dcc-client (all packages installed with apt-get). But the key part is that if you are running it on your localhost, you need the iptables lines from the end of the readme:

  • # iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport pop3 -m owner --uid-owner <uid>
    # -j ACCEPT
    and the redirection:
    # iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport pop3 -j REDIRECT --to 8110
    change <uid> to the userid of the user p3scan runs.

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