POTB Local Browse / SIOC Connection

I’ve been busy with my Debian changeover, but at the weekend (and with help from Uldis Bojars), a local browse facility was added for cached blogs at Planet Of The Blogs. In the blogroll on the right of the POTB site, there’s a “Local” link for each blog, e.g. here is the IrishEyes cache at POTB (I might add a mod_rewrite for this later to make the URLs prettier).

At work, I’m writing a SIOC exporter for phpBB. Interlinking blogs is currently limited to static links between posts and users, lacking the semantics needed for interpretation by computers. The SIOC ontology has been developed to connect online communities, and has particular applicability to blog sites. It enables the semantic linking of blogs, posts, and forums through terms such as topic, creator, and sibling. Exporters of SIOC data instances are currently being written for a number of open source blog systems (e.g. SIOC for WP 1.2 by Uldis). There has been some discussion about blog connections and structured blogging on the Yahoo! Groups irishblogs mailing list: POTB Request Ping Server and New Member Introduction and 2 Ideas (for POTB I Think).

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