Generation Blog: POTB Goes Kiwi

I’ve launched a new blogs aggregator for our New Zealand comrades; it’s called Generation Blog and resides at

There are a few New Zealand blog webrings out there, so once I find some time I’ll be adding those feeds to the site…

In the logo, Dr. Zaius has been replaced with General Zod from the Superman movies. Zod likes to blog too, maybe he can quote from his blog for us…

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2 thoughts on “Generation Blog: POTB Goes Kiwi

  1. I will quote from my blog, but not because you wish it.

    Kneel Before My New Gloves

    Posted by Zod on 25-12-1980

    One of my servants brought me a tribute gift today: a pair of black gloves. I think they enhance my costume, and no longer do I have to touch filthy human skin as my servants kneel before me to pledge allegiance.

    However, I do not appreciate those who attempt to curry favour with me, so I promptly dispatched the servant with my heat vision. Zod bless him.

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