Happy 4th of July

Greetings from Independence Day-celebrating USA!

Yesterday, met with family here and went for lunch on Union Street’s Pasta Pomodoro. After that, went to see Miyazaki’s latest offering, Howl’s Moving Castle in the AMC Kabuki 8 Screen which is in nearby Japantown. It was good, but not as satisfactory as Spirited Away or Mononoke because of some unresolved characters and in part due to it being slightly too long. America’s (and the world’s) critics weren’t as harsh; the film is currently listed third by US film critics in terms of those currently on release and rated, and IMDB gives it a rating of 8.2.

Went to the Japan Center in Japantown and spent an hour or two browsing the books in Kinokuniya, where I picked up the manga of Battle Angel Alita: Last Orders 1 and Nausicaa 1. Lots of interesting DVDs and CDs there too, I saw Kurosawa’s Dersu Uzala, a great film which I might pick up before I go back.

Called home using SkypeOut – what an amazing rate they give, 1.5 cents per minute to and from most countries in the “western world” – that 10 euro call credit I bought is going to last a long time!

And to tonight, we’ll probably pop along to the waterfront to watch the fireworks from Pier 39, I think it kicks off at 9:30-ish. Should be fun!

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