Flickr Meetup

So after the MetaFilter event, a bunch of us headed on to the Flickr meetup at the Crossroads cafe. A nice relaxed venue for a meetup, and I can attest to their great hot chocolates and tasty meatloaf with onion marmalade baps!

Met lots of Flickr enthusiasts too, and I’ve made a list of who I met as a reminder to my future selves: striatic, missmobtown, High Fidelity, Kodama, Courtney, Jason, Eddy, Nicole, Kai, Eddie and Nadia. Also met one of the founders, Stewart (co-founder Caterina was also at the meetup). Again, I didn’t really realise who Stewart was, but I remember we were talking about pulling the worst faces for photographs, and I was explaining how my buddy amp turned this into this.

Had a brief but interesting discussion with Ryan King from Technorati about microformats (which is related to my research work on SIOC), and also chatted with Will Luo from Applied Minds about RDF stores. Illustrating the small world phenomenon (in tech circles at least), I met Scott Beale from Laughing Squid who was talking about an employee they had from Galway, who turned out to be none other than someone I knew, John McDonnell!

Edit: There are some photos from the event at the Flickr tags for sflickr and sflickr0707.

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