More Great American Pastimes

I partook in another great American pastime today (no, not American football this time) – we drove to the mall to do some shopping. This was my first US / automatic car driving experience (apart from picking up the car from the rental company last night), and it went swimmingly, thanks to previous practice on the (European) continent and the fact that automatic cars are really very easy to drive. Google maps also helped us on our travels along the I-101.

Went to this massive place called the Great Mall of the Bay Area, which was once a Ford car factory. It is on Great Mall Parkway, which leads me to wonder if the road had a different name once or was the guy who named the roads strangely prescient. Stocked up on my clothes for the year in the Old Navy and Gap outlet stores. Question: How can Levi’s jeans be $20 here but four to five times that price in Ireland? They must travel first class across the ocean…

Stopped off at a Century 25 screen cinema at Union City on the way home (as the traffic was a _bit_ congested on the I-880), but couldn’t find anything to watch (why have 25 screens if you’re only going to show 14 films?). Drove over the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, with great views of the fog-covered city. And finished off the evening with a nice meal in new restaurant Chouquet’s.

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