Battlestar Galactica and Harry Potter: A Sci-Fi / Fantasy Night


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Watched the first episode of the new series of Battlestar Galactica, which premiered on Sci-Fi US at 10 PM last night. Without spoiling anything, it was very good; after an intense first season, you wondered if they could keep up the pace for the second season: and they have.

After that, we popped along to A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books for the midnight launch of the latest in the Harry Potter series, “The Half-Blood Prince”. At 12:01, the boxes of books were broken out, and the teenagers went wild. The salespeople said that they had 500 copies of the book, and there was quite a big crowd there so I’d imagine that most of them were sold. I can only imagine how mad (crazy) it must have been at one of the mainstream booksellers like Borders or Barnes & Noble.

Had a busy day yesterday, because we also drove to Napa, visited the Francis Coppola, Ehlers and Beringers (briefly) vineyards, and saw the Old Faithful Geyser do its thing. Some photos are here.

2 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica and Harry Potter: A Sci-Fi / Fantasy Night

  1. I love watching Sci-Fi’s friday line up. Battlestar Gallactica has failed to dissappoint me in its new season… I am also one of the teens who seemed to have lined up crazy for the new Harry Potter book (even though it was a friend of mine instead of I). I hope you had a joyous time at the vineyards… my family also owns some vineyards in Calabria, Italy. Well have a good day and enjoy yourself.

  2. Hello Joseph
    This is a long shot but I read that your family owns vineyards in Calabria Italy.
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