Wikimania Day 1

So far, having a good time at Wikimania. Lots of interesting people here, and the real crowds are only just arriving… Met Ward Cunningham (creator of the first wiki site) at lunch; a group of us went to Haus Wertheym in the Roemerberg area as Eugene wanted to try somewhere more authentic and local. I’ll put up some photos on Flickr in a bit, and tag them with “wikimania”…

The weather is nice in Frankfurt; I’m staying in a unique place called Hotel Am Berg. They seem to have given me the biggest room in the hotel, which looks like it was designed for a 70’s movie star: a huge black-and-white tiled bathroom with little small off-rooms for shower / bidet / toilet, a big bath, two sinks and an exercise bike! A nice big room too with a few beds; you could probably fit a one bedroom apartment into the space.

Oh (remembering my last blog post), my cases came from Toronto Pearson the next day, the same day that they had that miraculous escape where the 300+ people got off the burning plane. It was a strange feeling watching it live on CNN knowing that we had just been there the day before…

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