Wikimania05/Paper-IM1 – Wikibooks

Wikimania05/Paper-IM1 – Wikibooks

Gave my talk this morning, as I said it was “scary and exciting” being the first talk at the first Wikimania conference. We had an interesting Semantic Web session, with questions ranging from abuse of metadata to open versus closed sets of typed links. The Wikimania audio page is available.

Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales is just after giving his keynote presentations, listing his “problems”, or the things he would like to see freely available:

  1. Free the encyclopedia
  2. Free the dictionary
  3. Free the curriculum
  4. Free the music
  5. Free the arts
  6. Free the file formats
  7. Free the maps
  8. Free the product identifiers
  9. Free the TV listings
  10. Free the communities

Two more were proposed by the audience: free the search engines and free the sciences.

Edit: Ross Mayfield’s blog entry about Jimmy Wales’ talk is very comprehensive and worth reading.

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