30,000 Articles Stored at POTB / Most Prolific

I was interested to see how many blog posts we’ve gathered at POTB over the past four months. The answer is 30452. What’s interesting is that this amounts to nearly 50 posts averaged per blog. Of course, the actual figures differ. The top 10 prolific blogs (based on stats since April) are:

  1. www.sluggerotoole.com (1235)
  2. tcal.net (1121)
  3. saoirse32.blogsome.com (931)
  4. www.freedominst.org (423)
  5. unitedirelander.blogspot.com (413)
  6. backseatdrivers.blogspot.com (408)
  7. blogs.linux.ie/xeer (380)
  8. gaskinbalrog.blogspot.com (352)
  9. irish.typepad.com/irisheyes (308)
  10. irisheagle.blogspot.com (288)
  11. macdaraconroy.com/linklog (287)

All the usual information on most clicked blogs and entries is available on the POTB listings page.

4 thoughts on “30,000 Articles Stored at POTB / Most Prolific

  1. It looks like 20major and SIGLA are getting more mileage out of each post because although they’re not among the top 10 most prolific, they are among the top 5 most read according to the POTB link tracker.

  2. do you have any way of looking at the least active blogs on the list, as a way of pruning for dead sites (between now and october i’d expect to see a rise in the decomissioning of websites)?

    also, can msn spaces be added, or are they totally off in their own world? am seeing a lot of irish msn spaces listed through blogshares

  3. We can very easily “turn off” inactive blogs on POTB by changing their category from default to none…

    I haven’t looked at too many MSN Spaces Blogs, but if they have a valid RSS feed, no reason not to add them…

  4. I just thought I should note here that my linklog is only the 11th most prolific blog because I’ve been hoarding links for a couple of months, and uploaded them in one massive burst over the last few weeks. I don’t know if I can keep up that kind of pace on a regular basis – but we’ll see!

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