Bob Moog's Death

Was sad to hear that Bob Moog died on Sunday.

Tomita-san was one of many who posted messages on Bob Moog’s guestbook both before and after his death.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2005 06:56 PM CDT

Dear Dr. Moog,

This is from Isao Tomita. I was shocked by the news from Roland that you are in the hospital. I am very much anxious for your quick recovery.

In 1972, even before the release of my first album from RCA Records, I made a visit to MOOG Factory in Buffalo with my friend interpreter, Mr. Ayugai, and had a chance to show my recorded tape to you. I had already purchased MOOG III through Japanese Trading company, but a large synthesizer was completely new in Japan then, and there were no one to tell me how to use it. I performed with my own way of trial-and-error method.

This truned out to be a good result. I still remember clearly your word. You said “This is the expression by MOOG III nobody has ever made.”

Soon after my visit, RCA Records decided to release the series of my work.
“Snowflakes Are Dancing: The Newest Debussy”
“Moussorgsky:Pictures At an Exhibition”
“The Planets”
All three above were listed on top (No.1) of Billboard Classical Chart.

I owe you for MOOG III which brought me a success, and further more your contribution to the developement of electronic instrument is highly noted and innumerable musicians in the world have received the benefit.

I do wish and pray for your quick recovery.

Isao Tomita

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