Electric Picnic Aftermath


Had a great time at the Electric Picnic on Saturday (overall), averaging the good and the bad. Pretty much the first thing that happened to me was that someone asked me if I knew where he could get some drugs, just a small amount. So maybe I have that look about me… I also met case_sensitive from boards.ie – he spotted me wearing my yellow boards.co.nz t-shirt.


  • The toilets: I went into one of these two hours after the event began, and it was absolutely disgusting. I can only imagine what it must have been like after two days.
  • The pushing: In the tents, if you were up the front, the amount of pushing going on by drunk and/or ignorant people wanting to get a ‘better view’ was really annoying. I had many such battles, trying to keep my spot beside friend Conrad. One girl was waving a cigarette around; I asked her to stop it as I knew I was going to get burned; sure enough, I felt my arm being burned, so I took the cigarette and threw it on the ground, but she was so drunk I’m not sure she even understood… Also got a kick in the neck from a crowd surfer; got some perverse pleasure from seeing being him dumped on the ground afterwards.
  • Fatboy Slim: Didn’t think too much of Norman Cook’s music. The stage display was good though.

  • Kraftwerk: Excellent! Loved the music, the performance, the robots’ encore, the Tron-like suits.
  • Roeyksopp: Really, really good performers, both in terms of spectacle and sounds. Dressed up in Kraftwerk-type outfits for the occasion!
  • Goldfrapp: Have to admit that my Goldfrapp knowledge was limited to music videos and radio plays. But they were very good.
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10 thoughts on “Electric Picnic Aftermath

  1. Bad toilets and pushing at a music festival, oh dear oh dear. Are you showing your age a little…..! Was there, and compared to many festivals I have been at I thought it excellent. Unfortunately bad toilets etc are par for the course.

  2. I have to admit that not only am I old but this was my first festival 🙂

    But just because these things have been par, is it any reason to accept it? I mean, we paid enough for the festival, so why the hell shouldn’t things be better?

  3. Arcade Fire and Flaming Lips were the highlights for me, amazing performances by both. Nick Cave was great too.

    The toilets weren’t too bad in my experience, but I did hear some horror stories, so I think it was just luck of the draw!

  4. glad you enjoyed it cloud.
    next year arrive early and hit the pub on the town I’m working in. 🙂
    In saying that, I better not have missed anybody wearing a boards t_shirt!

  5. Loved Kraftwerk. Ditto LCD Soundsystem, Nick Cave, 2 Many DJs, Goldfrapp, Redneck Manifesto.
    Missed Bob Mould and Flaming Lips which was a pity.

    Had to go in to the Bodytonic tent to escape James Blunt’s wailing.

    Also loved the amount of nice booze options: Sangria, cartons of vino, Bacardi with ginger and lime. Mmmmm)

    Loo-wise, it’s a nightmare being a girl at a festival – not just near the venues, but on the campsite. Much trekking in search of clean portaloos and well-hidden hedges is required which isn’t ideal at 5am.

  6. And the food wasn’t too bad either, had a nice Indian Madras from An Teach something or another, and a tasty Thai chicken from the Oriental stand.

    The comedians were a mixed bunch. Neil Delamere was funny; I’d seen him last year (twice) at the Cat Laughs, and he had a lot of new material this year which was good.

    It took me four days, but I cut off my Electric Picnic bracelet today. Anyone still wearing theirs?

  7. Great festival – really well organised considering how many people were there in a relatively small amount of space. I managed to get my picnic bracelet off on Tuesday after a very long night’s sleep.
    Some of the loos were gruesome but I could always find one that was reasonable. And I liked the fact they had girls and boys loos. Thought there should have been more sinks and water around the place though.
    Food was great, bands even better (Kraftwerk, Human League, Mercury Rev, Roykssop, James Blunt, Dublin Gospel Choir) and met some lovely folks too. Looking forward to 2006 🙂

  8. This was a fantastic festival. By far the best thing I have seen in Ireland of its kind. Will be saving the pennies for next years trip, will most defo not be going to the nightmare fest that is Oxygen.

    The people and athmosphere is what made it special. I hope that they can keep it the same again for next year. I just hope that they never ever ever ever ever again invite Fatboyrubbish, Kraftwerk should have played the main stage late. I went to see Laurent Garnier who was fantastic but didn’t get to see any of Kraftwerk.

    All in all super wkend, so well done Electric Picnic. More of the same next year please!!!!!

  9. absolutly love the picnic. what a break from normal everyday living.love the relaxed atmosphere why cant we all live in such harmony. bring on next year. go on the jaxx mwahh x

  10. Da Picnic rocks can’t fault it,

    The toilets, it has to expected! But I have to say the for the +4years I’ve been going the toilets were cleaned daily if not more often. (I’m mean a full cleaning not just a baby wipe on da seat quick job!)

    It’s so relaxed, it somehow has a natural “asshole” filter, everybody is so chilled, no fighting, no aggression etc. I’m going to go ahead and intercept the stereotypical drug view, chilled is laidback and not “out of it”, of course where there are +40,000 your bound to see a couple of arrests but ur talking a fraction of a % !!

    I really have to say (I’m not that interested in art) ,but the body and soul area is absolutely amazing. I’m really surprised it hasn’t won some award! Went in during the day 07, wow spectacular!! as always. Came back under dark of night and was blown away, its such a surreal dream like fantasy, make no mistake, between natural beauty (in the surroundings) and creativity a temporary wonderland has been created. For me it’s almost the definition of “go to your happy place”

    Hope to retun next year!

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