1 in 5 Ireland Residents to be Non-Nationals by 2030?

A report from the CSO (Central Statistics Office) states that the population of Ireland, at its current rate of increase, could rise to 5.5 million from the 4 million at present (there was a 33,000 natural increase in the population plus 53,000 net inward migration this year, with future estimates of at least 30,000 net inward migration per year until 2015, 20,000 until 2020 and 15,000 per annum until 2030).

As a result, around 1 in 5 people could be non-nationals. Only a few countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia have similar ratios (of over 18%). This will have many positive effects as we move towards a true multi-ethnic society here in Ireland, but this change will also lead to a sharp increase in the number of households in the country (estimates are that this will almost double from 1.2 million to 2 million in 25 years time).

Here are some related articles from the New Zealand Herald, RTE and Bloomberg.


4 thoughts on “1 in 5 Ireland Residents to be Non-Nationals by 2030?”

  1. This will have many positive effects as we move towards a true multi-ethnic society here in Ireland

    Which positive effects, as a matter of interest.

  2. How is this a good thing? There’s already too many of them. They cause fights all the time in my area and I can’t even get a Fuckin Job!!

  3. Who causes fights? Only “others”, don’t they? 😉
    If you can’t get a job do not blame others, take a look at yourself and what you can do. If needed go to school or take a course and you will find one pretty soon…

  4. I used to think that non Irish were good for Ireland, and I still do, except that we allowed them in too quick and too big in numbers.

    I estimate that we have up to and over 1 million .Non Nationals here in Ireland and I have no idea how many are in other parts and still getting money from the Irish tax Payer.

    If we stemmed the out flow of money from Ireland we would have more to go around for the Irish people that started the good times we had until too many people came and took too many jobs and it is still happening as we speak.

    I just seen a Government web site saying that there are 160,0000 Non Nationals that they know of and the rest is anybody’s guess as to their numbers.

    I know that Non Nationals are looking out for themselves and by allowing so much of our wealth to be sent out of Ireland,we are laying the foundations for baby’s that are yet to be born and for their children and their grandchildren for generations, still paying for the errors made in letting in too many too fast.

    Jobs, Courses and what ever are no use in this country now and I fear that we are heading for worse times ahead and trouble on our streets.

    I say to all people to stop and think about the way things are and they way they are heading.

    Of course people will say that I am racist, I say I am a realist.

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