Wiki-Based Chat Rooms / Instant Messaging?

Funny the things you think about when you lie awake at night… I was wondering about using a wiki for IRC / IM-type chats… You know when you’re talking in a chat room or in an IM conversation and you make a mistake, or you want to clarify something you’ve just said.

What if you could go back and edit what you’ve said, but still have a record of what was changed so that you could see in two dimensions (by time the messages were added and by time the record was edited) the chat room session or the instant message conversation.

Maybe it wouldn’t work, but maybe it would be useful…

1 thought on “Wiki-Based Chat Rooms / Instant Messaging?

  1. Things like SubEthaEdit, MoonEdit, SynchroEdit, JotLive, Xwiki’s synchronous editor will bring this functionality to wikis soon.

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