Scumday Innuendont

I know it is old news now, but comparing the headlines of the Sunday Independent (“Lawlor killed in red-light district with teenage girl“) and the Sunday Times (“Lawlor dies in Moscow car crash“) from the weekend, you’d wonder why does the Sunday Indo have to sink to such lows to sell papers. They are self-admittedly the number one selling Sunday newspaper – do they really need to or think that they will get extra sales from this behaviour?

They have since apologised, but of course it is too late. BTW I personally don’t have any great love for Liam Lawlor – there’s little doubt that he was a liar and a cheat – but I don’t think that he or his family deserved this.

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2 thoughts on “Scumday Innuendont

  1. Totally agreed John.
    But if you have a closer look at the Independent its actually quite trashy and always full of sexual innuendo and sensationalising sex and the rich in Ireland and their lifestyles in the Living section and their new magazine section is actually just a gratuitous excuse for photographs of pretty girls wearing very little.
    Im certainly not a prude but at least the Sunday Times does more to stimulate the intellect rather then the emotions.

  2. The Sunday Times isn’t always prize material but the Indo may as well go tabloid and have a big red label on the top.

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