Tomita Music on Playstation 2 Advert

I was happily fiddling around connecting up some telephone wires in the hallway when I heard some music I recognised being played on TV in the living room. It was by one of my favourite musicians Isao Tomita and was his interpretation of Debussy’s Clair De Lune, from the album Snowflakes are Dancing.

I rushed in to see what it was and there was a weird promo of some kind on, which I initially thought must have been for RTÉ 2 or something. Turned out it was an ad for Playstation 2. Cool!

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5 thoughts on “Tomita Music on Playstation 2 Advert

  1. Hey, that’s pretty cool, John!

    BTW, for some reason, I can’t access the Tomita forum webpage anymore. I’m sure it’s something to do with my computer.

  2. Can you view it but just not post?

  3. hello, i am a girl from spain and i was looking for months tomita’s song, i didn’t konw he exists, but when i put on the google playstation and debussy, and i saw your blog i got really happy, so i just wanna thank you have let me found the name of the song.


  4. Do you know where i can view the advert ??? …anyone ????

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