SIOC Export Added to Blog / Barnraiser AROUNDMe

Events like ISWC 2005 inspire / remind you to go and do stuff, so I forgot to blog that I’ve installed Uldis‘ WordPress SIOC exporter on my blog. It’s pretty cool, one or two things to iron out but so far so good… You can get it at the SIOC WordPress page.

Was talking to danbri and Ina earlier and mentioned the neat AROUNDMe social networking software system by Barnraiser. Why do I think it’s neat? Well, as well as having lots of features, it is open source / free, and therefore I think we can easily plug some FOAF (and SIOC) generators into it once I figure out if it can be ‘opened up’ (i.e. turn off login requirements).


1 thought on “SIOC Export Added to Blog / Barnraiser AROUNDMe

  1. Hi John, We have a single group version of AROUNDMe called ‘Igloo’. Igloo is openned up. I’m now starting work on the next version of AROUNDMe which will have the same ‘open’ style as Igloo.

    Thanks very much for your support!

    Tom, Barnraiser

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