iPodLinux, iDoom, Videos / Unwanted Scratches on iPod nano

I was showing off my iPod nano (won at the Simile ISWC 2005 semantic bank competition) at the Cork geek bloggers’ dinner recently: just got iDoom working yesterday (thanks for the link to it Brendan!) and was watching videos on it today after installing the latest kernel from iPodLinux. The video functionality is pretty nifty (but requires large AVI files because it is uncompressed); was playing the Superman Returns teaser trailer and the latest episode of the Simpsons (very watchable).

However, I have my first iPod nano screen scratch; I popped the nano out of its protective Jelly Belly box and was less than happy to see a small mark right in the middle of the screen. Hopefully the shop will take it back (I managed to retrieve the receipt, thanks Brian!).

3 thoughts on “iPodLinux, iDoom, Videos / Unwanted Scratches on iPod nano

  1. ouch. been there — I bought an iPod video, and this happened within a day:


    So I bought http://www.theinvisibleshield.com/ based on Engadget comments. It was quite hair-raising to apply, but has stopped any further scratching.
    However the iPod certainly doesn’t look as cool as it did beforehand; the surface is a little more “plasticky” looking. Shame.

    It’s a definite issue with the product, no matter what Apple’s PR hacks say…

  2. Check out these pics of the new ipod video 6g with touch screen and 3.5 inch screen at http://www.freewebs.com/superdreamcars

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