Visualising the Irish Blogosphere

Martin Feeney wrote an interlinks utility for Planet of the Blogs nearly two months ago, but I only got around to integrating it into the site today ( I’ll be adding a graphical visualisation of this data shortly. For now, this picture may whet your appetite – it’s a graph of all the interlinked blogs as indexed by Planet of the Blogs.

Also today, announced some cool new features, including (quote):

1. Side-panel: We have made available the latest posts to be dropped into your blog template. For html code see: You can set the number of posts (max 10) and style of text. Links go directly to author’s blog.

2. As the number of blogs has grown – it is now well over 1,000 – it is getting a bit more cluttered. You can add your blog to your “favourite blogs” and then view a page with just those favourites. It also comes with an RSS feed for your favourites, so you don’t have to wade through all those other ones.

3. You add a post to “My posts” for future reference.

4. Alerts – you can be sent a daily email when a blog contains certain keywords.

5. Phrase search – you can now search for a phrase – just put quotes around phrase.

6. Similar posts – attempts to generate posts with similar subject matter. Doesn’t work well on posts of just one or two lines, but otherwise works well on non-personal type posts.

7. Claim your blog – this will allow you to edit or delete posts, of which you are the author. It involves inserting a piece of hidden (unless your blogger/blogspot who require “a href”) code in a single post. We pick that up the next time our aggregator scoots over to it and voilà, your authorised. I had an idea that the “claim your blog feature” could be used for a voting mechanism for a Bloggers’ Irish Blogger Award – where only bloggers can vote. It’s there anyway, if
Damien or anybody else wants to use it for voting purposes, let me know.

7 thoughts on “Visualising the Irish Blogosphere

  1. This is mucho fucking coolio.

  2. that is *sweet*. you’ve got just the right amount of data there, to make that worth generating!

  3. Very nice graph… I’m mesmerised.

  4. There are a few caveats regarding the data gathered. If the blog main page as defined by the POTB blog database doesn’t contain links or if they’re generated by some javascript or in a frame or iframe, the links will not be counted as my script won’t “see” them when it checks for links.

    Livejournals are a bit of a dead-end links-wise as well as their “friends” links are on a seperate page. That’s a known weirdness and can be worked around, though.

  5. Got a lot of clickthrus from recently. Guess this is the reason why. Great work and cheers!

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