New Blog: Speedie’s ‘Insights on Galway Life’ /

Edit: Brendan’s current blog is here.

My colleague Brendan Smith has started a new blog at entitled “Insights on Galway Life”.

It makes for interesting reading so far – the premise is that each week, Brendan will publish a photograph on different aspects of life in the city, with good, bad and unusual pictures each week!

This week, you can read Speedie’s ‘Insights on Galway Life’ » Blog Archive » Week 1- The Bad: ‘Traffic Gridlock’.

And, I’ve set up for free blogs as well…

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4 thoughts on “New Blog: Speedie’s ‘Insights on Galway Life’ /

  1. there seems to be a few more blogs here in Galway since I last lived here.. . is there a list anywhere of Galway bloggers? Just wondering. ..

  2. There is much talk about the Arts at present, it being the season of the Galway Arts Festival. Yet can anyone explain the concerted opposition, learned about despairingly through the Freedom of Information Act, of the Galway City Arts Office to the further development of the seven-year-old Western Writers’ Centre (Ionad Scríbhneoiri Chaitlín Maude), based in Galway? While Limerick now boasts a writers’ centre, and the Munster Literature Centre, Cork, gets its premises rent and rates free, the City Council in Galway is governed by an opinion that, for some reason, the Western Writers’ Centre, which hoped to incorporate a room dedicated to the literary history of Galway into any new premises, should not be developed. In spite of the Centre receiving written support from Senator David Norris, Micheal D. Higgins, writers such as Martina Devlin and Gerry Smyth, Councillor Billy Cameron and Catherine Connolly and many others, Galway’s Arts Office isn’t interested. Why? And who will ask the question?

  3. This is the number one result in Google for Blog Galway and the blog mentioned above is gone!

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