Featured on Ireland AM on Tuesday

Apparently the For Sale section of came in for some praise on TV3 / Ireland AM’s techie feature about buying and selling online. Kudos to our moderators! We may have some exciting news about the next version of our For Sale area in the coming weeks… (Also, must see if I can get a copy of the TV snippet; I’m a hoarder of this kind of stuff.)

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8 thoughts on “ Featured on Ireland AM on Tuesday

  1. Nice one John! Any word on if or when will be allowing members subscribe to topic/forum notifications via RSS? Would be especially handy for the forsale section.

  2. Erm, well I must check that out next week – there is an RSS feed but it’s been disabled for about 6 months or more as a dodgy SQL query was taking ages, something not optimised probably. The RSS is on a per forum basis.

  3. Even forum only feeds would be great John – I hate subscribing to notifications via email. Thanks.

  4. John, I’ve found the feed for ‘Latest Post’ now but it seems that there isn’t a per forum feed available? Or at least its not encoded in the rel=alternate element?

  5. If you add ?forumids=200 to the end it’ll work I think…

  6. Thanks John, I really should have been able to figure that out I guess – it is obvious yet that I’m no programmer ;->

    Anway, I’ve now added a number of feeds to the Open Irish Directory for easy feed grazing for internet novices. I hope that’s ok?

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