Galway Bloggers Meetup This Saturday April 1st (No Fools)

As you may have read on Ed Byrne’s blog post, the first in the Geek Dinners Ireland series of meetups will be held this weekend. We’ll be meeting for drinks and finger food this Saturday at 8 PM in Massimo, William Street West. Ed mentioned there may be a dinner beforehand somewhere as well… All bloggers, geeks, and even non-geeks welcome!

More info at the page for the Galway meetup.

(Ed, if you’re reading this, can you remove the old Geek Dinners Ireland / Galway Meetup event in the Radisson as it still seems to be there…)

2 thoughts on “Galway Bloggers Meetup This Saturday April 1st (No Fools)”

  1. John … of course I’m reading this 🙂

    I don’t know how it got in there twice … and (stupid as I feel) I can’t figure out how to remove it from!! I’ll have another look and see if there’s remove function somewhere … if you’re aware of it feel for the remove it, or tell me how to!!

  2. You’re right, I can’t see it either – maybe just use the Edit Entry link top right of the event and remove the details, change the venue…

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