Interviewed for Spin 1038 / Daily Mail Ireland Copy, Paste and Edit

Following on from the Sunday Times article about Bebo and various colleges blocking the site, I was interviewed for about 5 minutes by Jack and Ali on Dublin’s Spin 1038 at 1:10 PM today.

You can hear the clip from the show here.

Related to this is the fact that the Sunday Times article appeared in Monday’s Daily Mail Ireland, re-written by someone called Enda Feeney. From what I could see (apart from one extra bit tagged on near the end), it was almost entirely lifted from Mark Tighe’s Sunday Times article the previous day. Perhaps this plagiarism (or is there a special industry term for this I don’t know about?) explains why the tabloid is only 30 cents…

Edit: Mark talks about this and other stuff on his new blog RoboHack.

5 thoughts on “Interviewed for Spin 1038 / Daily Mail Ireland Copy, Paste and Edit”

  1. Hey John,

    Listened to the interviews. Very good – very succicnt! 🙂 BTW Bebo have added a search function now though.

    Really annoyed with that Irish Daily Mail copying of the story so blatantly. They are always at it. The news ed at the ST said they had about 8 stories lifted from this weekend’s edition. Gonna get in contact with them and see if I can bill them.

  2. Plagiarism in the media is becoming rife – and it’s even more rife on blogs. Another ethical issue for the blog bootcamp

    Well spotted though

  3. “or is there a special industry term for this I don’t know about?”

    Well, if any of it is verbatim, then it’s plagiarism pure and simple.

    I haven’t seen the other piece. If he just lifted the quotes and nothing else, then he might argue that he isn’t plagiarising, just repeating public statements. However, in that case, the done thing is to attribute quote, i.e. “John Breslin told the Sunday Times”.

  4. This is normal unfortunately, Sunday shifters in tabloids rewrite stories from the Sundays for the Monday papers. There is also a notion that people who read tabloids do not read the weightier Sundays, which might be true in some cases, but is absolutely patronising , in addition to the plagiarism aspect of it all.

    I’ve seen this loads of times where stories have been practically lifted in their entirety, comments copied word for word and the only difference is a slight rewrite of the intro. The robbed journalist should invoice the culprits for the use of the story.

  5. Actually bought the Sunday Times there at the weekend and not sure if there was even eight Irish news stories in it

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