Gets Revamp – Free Irish Blogs

At last I rid of that old Kubrick template, now we have lots more content on the page including all latest blog and forum posts, irishblogs tagged content from Flickr, Technorati, Upcoming, Planet Journals, etc. Does anyone tag stuff on with irishblogs? That’s one I didn’t think of…

In other news, I’ve added to the list of domains you can choose for your free Irish blog website at


3 thoughts on “ Gets Revamp

  1. Loving it. Fantastic job! The only thing that strikes me immediately as a *little* wacky is the 1 – 2 – 3 – the way the numbers are not in line, the way they swap with the text as you go along the steps for beginner/expert. Though, you could argue that it catches the eye ads visual interest, so shoot me down if you like. Again; cracking work.

  2. Cheers danger! It’s of course inspired by a number of sites: the layout from vBulletin, the colours from Planet PHP / Planet Journals, the calendars from the Mozilla page, the header from Boards – glad you like. The problem I had with the 1 – 2 – 3 was with the text; when all in a line it was hard to read…

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