22 thoughts on “Ferdia Griffith Breslin”

  1. Congrats. All these babies! In Fact, Ah are not going to be announcing anything like this in the near future.

  2. Congratulations to the both of you. Ferda, cracking name, cracking baby!

    Ben & John

  3. DUUUDE! congrats for the baby cloud baybaaah ;D
    say hi to ur wife btw.
    1 year from now, the invaders will be here! i’ll pass by ur place and take te baby
    to start the training at once! with C.o.S’s special trainig u’ll be the father of the ultimate c.o.s legend that defeated the saiyan warriors! :3

  4. Hi John – a little bit slow on the uptake (obviously), but many congratulations!

    Did you know he shares a birthday with Jimmy Stewart (yes, the movie star guy), Joe Cocker, eh, Bronson Pinchot, and, uhm, er… Cher. Okay, now I’m sorry I started…


  5. Many congratulations.

    It’s a great name. He shares it with my debian fileserver/music jukebox at home.


  6. Hi John.
    Best wishes to you both.Your little baby is only lovely.


  7. Hi John, You don’t me but I was looking at Breslin sites and came across yours. Best of luck to you all, and to my possible cousin many times removed. All the best and God bless, Sile

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