All the Latest SIOC Stuff

There’s been quite a few happenings in the “siocosphere” during the past month:

  1. Christoph Goern posted some details about how to enable SIOC output for a community site such as a planet aggregator; I hope to work on this myself WRT Planet PHP.
  2. Again, Christoph has detailed how to generate SIOC data from mailing list archives. Next, we could look at systems like MailMan and MHonArc.
  3. Alex Passant visited us in DERI last week, and together with Uldis Bojars he worked on both a SIOC browser and also a SIOC module for PEAR and PHP5. It was great to have Alex visiting, and he did amazing stuff during the few short days he was here… Thanks Alex!
  4. Christoph has also done some SIOC live query work, in parallel with #3, as well as describing how SIOC can be autodiscovered using RDFa.
  5. Fred Giasson has produced a detailed post on how he has made use of SIOC to connect stuff within the TalkDigger community… Nice one Fred – love this!
  6. More people are installing SIOC plugins on their blogs, including Christoph Goern, Harry Chen.

Wow! I am blown away by all this… I hope to contribute more myself now that I’m back.

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