Unlikely Coincidence When Searching for an Image…

I gave a presentation to the Galway Heritage Forum on our Wiki Ireland project this morning. Something strange happened to me last night when I was looking for a picture for one of my slides. I did a Google search for “Irish heritage” and glanced through the first page of results for something that looked like it might fit in, and spotted a Celtic cross (thumbnail #12 below).


When I copied and pasted the image into my presentation, I was looking at it and realised that it was taken from the graveyard in my home village. Not only that, but almost directly in the centre was our family grave (where my great-grandparents and grandmother are buried). I’m not sure exactly how many graveyards there are in Ireland, it must certainly be in the thousands, but to get that exact picture with that angle was certainly very, very unlikely. Paranormal event anyone?

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