Latest Addition to the Boards Group On Its Way…


I recently acquired the domain name so I hope to create a new site there shortly. In the meantime, I’ve also bought which I’ve rebranded as


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6 thoughts on “Latest Addition to the Boards Group On Its Way…

  1. Heya Cloud, I’m really happy to see that you are expanding the boards empire. I can tell that it must cost a lot in purchasing server infastructure and what not. I’m sure that people in the UK will be grateful for what you are doing for them with this service. I have enjoyed for a long time under the username Jakkass, and I hope you can continue this great success story.

    Thanks for your effort,

  2. also how come isnt listed on the Boards Group page?

  3. Because the Boards Group != The other Boards Group sites are not owned by Ltd, but are run by myself only.

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  4. Ah I see that’s because of the Irish Domain Registry rules as had to be part of a Limited Company. All makes sense now 🙂

    thanks for your reply,
    Gareth Peoples

  5. Of course the IEDR rules have changed since ..

  6. I am curious. In respect to me knowing you have boards hosted by itself in H365, are all the other sites hosted in various datacenters around the globe, relative to where the site is aimed at?


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