Ideas for Structured Blogging

I want to use SB. I need to use SB. I just can’t use SB right now 😦 I wrote my last “Superman Returns” post using the Structured Blogging plugin, but when I created the post, it messed up my template (I think now it was probably due to something simple like a div section being split by a more tag in WP). But harder for me was the fact that I couldn’t keep saving as a draft (more than once), or use the WYSIWYG editor. After all, reviews (especially long ones like I just wrote) take a lot of time and effort, so having the abilities to draft and not use HTML are quite important 🙂

Here are some ideas that I think would be great for Structured Blogging:

  • Get SB and WPMU to work together. Someone has already hacked it to work where virtual hosts are not being used. Seems I can’t implement it on yet…
  • Allow SB to let you choose what you want to review from your profile. All Consuming produces RSS, which could be used as the basis for getting potential review items in a drop-down list.
  • Create an SB ontology so that SB metadata can be exported as native RDF (in combination with RSS 1.0 or SIOC) rather than it having to be extracted from the post content somehow.
  • SB currently pulls in some metadata from Amazon, maybe the same could be done for IMDB with films / DVDs.

3 thoughts on “Ideas for Structured Blogging

  1. Well, I’ve had to fiddle around with my Superman Returns post using some MySQL commands (disabling SB, editing and reenabling SB broke it somewhat) but I got it to work at last 😀

  2. Haven’t looked much into structured blogging yet, but curious to hear how it relates to microformats (like hCalendar, hCard, hResume, even hAtom). Food for talk at Blogtalk maybe?

  3. I think it would be a good topic – AFAIK SB uses uF to some extent, with hReview but not sure about the other formats listed on their page (

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