Testing Second Life…

…or “I admit, I didn’t pay attention during someone’s BlogTalk presentation today!”

I’ve heard so much about Second Life (from the recreated virtual Dublin city centre to the live concert held there by Duran Duran), and today people were on about it again in the BlogTalk IRC back channel – so I signed up today to give it a go.

Second Life is free to download from secondlife.com; about 25 megabytes or so. My username is really something; no, that’s it – Really Something – so if you see me be sure to say hello! When you register, you get about 50 surnames to choose from, and you can specify your own first name.

Some screenshots below. Unfortunately it crashed my PC twice, not just a soft blue screen thing but it actually caused my Thinkpad to turn off on both occasions. I was trying to alter my appearance to look something like me, replete with balding hairline – not sure how successful I was – especially losing my settings twice 😦 The first picture is from in front of virtual Trinity College; the second picture shows the Spire and the GPO.

20061001a.png 20061001b.png

4 thoughts on “Testing Second Life…”

  1. Can someone please explain the point about Second Life to me?
    Is it supposed to be more than a gimmick and prime example of escapism?
    I remember (vaguely) something similar hitting the net about 98-9 years ago and that fizzled out too…
    Someone and Barcamp mentioned a Uni professor in the UK giving virtual lectures through Second Life. WTF?!
    What happened to a simple streaming broadcast?


  2. Hi John, glad you enjoyed wandering around Dublin in Second Life. I have put a lot of work into keeping it as realistic as possible, with the constraints of Second Life. More importantly, I have encouraged the building of a sense of Community in there, with regular events including live music performances.

    To answer Evert’s question, I’ll use the Live music as an example. You could sit in front of your computer and watch a webcam of a live music event somewhere in the world. Its very 2 Dimensional, and requires no ” participation” on your part. Going to a “live” gig in Second Life means your avatar has to be there, the artist’s avatar is also there, you meet online friends there and enjoy the gig together. Visually it is a 3D experience, and immersive.

    Best way to understand it is to come and see it for yourself. It costs nothing. Drop into the Blarney Stone and say hello.

    John Mahon ( aka Ham Rambler – owner of Dublin in SL)

  3. I didn’t know there was a Dublin in Secondlife. I have done testing myself of the service and in some way it’s a learning curve to get used to. I happened to have a german woman dressed like someone from the final fantasy series following me.

    If I do see you around, make sure to look for Sparky Hargrave. Such an original name don’t ya think? 🙂

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