OPML list for Planet Journals

I’ve been working on an OPML list for Planet Journals, as suggested by Damien here. Since I’m fairly new to OPML attributes, I hope I’ve gotten them right as it’s a hand coded effort (James, you’re the OPML expert, let me know!).

So far, there are two views:

  • Default (all blogs / feeds alphabetised)
  • Latest (the 20 most recently added feeds)

Since there are something like 1300 blogs on PJ now, I might have to change the default view to “by letter” alphabetisations…


11 thoughts on “OPML list for Planet Journals”

  1. This is excellent John, thanks! I’m going to plug these straight into the Open Irish Directory.

    By the way, it appears the Default may not be working correctly at the moment – it only displays about 20 blogs to me. In fact I appear to be getting the same list for both links.

  2. As always, John, I’m here to make your life difficult :). I spotted a few issues with it:

    The character encoding given in the generated file is incorrect. It should be UTF-8 rather than ISO-8859-1. This is given correctly in the HTML headers.
    The Content-Type header gives the content type as text/html rather than either text/x-opml or application/xml. The former, according to the spec, is preferred. A bit picky, I know, but still…
    A more critical issue is the contents of the text attribute. It’s supposed to be double-entity-encoded HTML, but their contents is only single-encoded. [Aside: the spec says it may be double-entity-encoded HTML, but given that it’s not algorithmically possible to tell whether the contents is plain text or HTML, I’d err on the side of caution and double-encode them. Silent data loss is not your friend.] The node for Ray Foley’s blog is one such example.
    You don’t need the expansionState, vertScrollState, windowTop, windowLeft, windowBottom and windowRight elements in the header, so I’d just drop them. In any event, the value of those last four is meant to be an integer greater than 0, and windowTop and windowLeft are not.
    The dates given given are missing the timezone, which they need to have, otherwise they’re ambiguous and don’t adhere to the RFC-822 date format the spec specifies.

    Other than that, excellent!

  3. John, unfortuantely neither feed is now validating in either Grazr or the OPML Validator – http://validator.opml.org

    I’m afraid I’m not an OPML expert, at least from the development point of view, I’m just a very enthusiastic users, so I can’t help with the technicalities like Keith can. Sorry 😦

  4. The validator doesn’t seem to work, I tried one of your feeds James and it was giving some database error… “Sorry! There was an error: Internal database error: attempted to read a free block. Try to Save a Copy and relaunch with the new database.”

    But anyway, I’ll make the changes Keith recommended now…

    Edit: Changes made, how we looking now?

  5. Oops, sorry for any confusion John -the validator is just a guide, but Grazr is what’s important to me! 😉

    Anyway, it’s working fine now and both nodes have been entered under the “News & Media -> Blogging” category in the Open Irish Directory. Thanks for supplying the OPML!

  6. Looks good to me! There’s only one other wee change I’d make, and that’s to use UTC as the timezone rather than GMT. It’s more an aethetic thing than anything else.

    Is is just me that finds the fact that the vast majority of the feeds from the twenty most recently added blogs are Atom feeds and yet the node type is “rss” rather amusing? Some day that’s going to be the same kind of technological anachronism as CAR and CDR in Lisp…

  7. I don’t know why it’s not working in that viewer John but it’s working fine in Grazr as it was right after the update yesterday. I know that we used to have a caching issue with Grazr in the early days but the team did some tweaks on the backend and now updates are reflected almost immediately on publication.

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