I'm teaching an "Emerging Web Media" module next year

I not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before before but I’ll be teaching a new module to Masters students in Digital Media at the Huston Film School in NUI Galway next semester (as referenced by Haydn in last month’s Irish Times article). The aim of the module is to educate these students on applications of new web technologies to digital media, including Web 2.0 applications such as podcasting, blogging and content syndication. Here’s the module synopsis.

“Emerging Web Media”

This module will begin with an introduction to previous forms of web media communication, and describe in detail the emergent trends and technologies being employed for media communication through the Web. These include:

  • Blogs (online journals or sets of chronological news entries that are maintained by individuals, communities or commercial entities, and can be used to publish personal opinions, diary-like articles or news stories relating to a particular interest or product)
  • Wikis (collaboratively edited websites that can be updated or added to by anyone with an interest in the topic covered by the wiki site, and have been used to create online encyclopedias, photo galleries and literature collections)
  • Audio podcasts (also known as audio blogs, podcasts are to radio what blogs are to newspapers or magazines, and people can create and distribute audio content using podcasts for public consumption and playback on personal/portable media players, computers or other MP3-enabled devices)
  • Video podcasts (also known as “vlogs” from video blogs or “vodcasts” from video podcasts, this is where people can produce and publish video content on the Web for consumption on media playing-devices, and this content can range from individuals publishing home movies or their own news “interviews”, to studios releasing TV episodes or movies for a fee)
  • Content syndication (a means whereby people can keep up to date with material published via the new media communication methods above, through RSS, Atom and other subscription methods)
  • Annotated social bookmarks and photo sharing (sites like Flickr, del.icio.us and Google Maps are allowing people to publicly publish textual or multimedia content along with associated annotations of use to others)

I will also be uploading slides to our DERI teaching site after each week’s lectures.

(No, Martin Sheen won’t be taking this course!)

4 thoughts on “I'm teaching an "Emerging Web Media" module next year

  1. Pity this sort of course wasn’t available when I was student at NUI,G. Best of luck with it John.

  2. This seems interesting. Here are some questions: What kind of degree will be required for acceptance? Is it the Huston Film School that awards the masters? What will the students actually do in the module? Designing community sites? Stimulating user submission? A lower level understanding of the technologies involved? Current developments and future trends? All of the above maybe?

    Regards, Steve.

  3. what is a web media?

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