takes over the Boards Group in international expansion move Ltd., Ireland’s largest message board community, has acquired the “Boards Group” set of message board sites from creator and director John Breslin, in a move that opens the way for similar community websites to in other countries such as the UK and the US. is one of the largest indigenous Irish websites, and celebrates its 7th birthday as a company in February 2007.

To date, the Boards Group consists of, a site for discussing all things related to the United States,, a Japanese animation fan site, and smaller discussion sites for New Zealand and China. Plans for international expansion involve, which aims to become a sister site for in the UK, and, a television discussion forum that is currently in early development.

The acquisition also includes and Planet Journals, a popular blog hosting and aggregation service that was established by Breslin in 2005. The “eyes” brand, currently used on the classified ads subsite, will also be extended to this service.

7 thoughts on “ takes over the Boards Group in international expansion move”

  1. No retirement planned or affordable just yet 🙂

    Coincidentally, today is the 6th birthday of and 2nd of

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