BarCamp Ireland 3

I think it’s time to start organising BarCamp Ireland 3, as I was supposed to organise it last time and of course was beaten to it!

[Edit. Image snipped.]

You can visit the wiki page here.

14 thoughts on “BarCamp Ireland 3

  1. Gotta say that 07-07-07 is just superb 🙂


  2. Wait – is that US or European date format?

  3. Damn. I’ll be in Galway the week of 6/10 — would have been nice to BarCamp it up while on vacation.

  4. 😀

    I found out afterwards about proposed BarCamps for Cork (see Tom Raftery’s blog entry and Dublin. So we may be postponing Galway for a while. I think having one in April, May and then July is too much.

  5. Let’s vote on it. No no, a dance off!:)

  6. Great Stuff John,

    Count me in for giving some help


  7. Dance off? No – “chicken” is a better idea – we’ll keep running towards each other until one BarCamp backs off!

  8. John,

    apologies for not commenting here sooner but I have been away from my computer most of today.

    Where are you getting the April date for BarCamp Dublin? When I follow your link I’m just getting an empty blog.

    I decided to set the date to May because I thought June/July/August are usually dead months anyway with lots of people away so either May or September would be better. I chose May to keep the momentum going.

  9. We’re coming to Ireland on a 707 for the 070707 Barcamp Galway.

  10. Thanks Tom, when the Dublin / Cork thing has been sorted I’ll pick a date further on – maybe September is a better idea.

    Dublin in April:

  11. Okay, I’ve talked with Tom and assuming BarCamp Ireland 3 (BarCamp Dublin) goes ahead in April / May, BarCamp Ireland 4 (Galway) will happen in September and BarCamp Ireland 5 (BarCamp Cork: The Rebels Strike Back) will be in December / January.

  12. sounds good, let us know, be on for visiting the home town for one.

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