Galway First's first issue in Galway launched in the city today. It’s a new paper from the Galway Advertiser group aimed at 18-35 year olds. Their site looks to be powered by Mambo Server, a popular CMS. I know they mentioned that they would have blogs on the site, so that may be the reason for the choice.


5 thoughts on “Galway First's first issue in Galway”

  1. I think it’s powered by the fork of Mambo….Joomla. When we looked at Joomla/Mambo – Joomla seemed to me to be the better side of the fork. Most of the core developers moved to Joomla.

  2. Trying to locate a photo taken at the Oyster Fest 2007 printed in your paper. Its of Karen Fahy and Mike from Mass USA.

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