Trying out Joost beta

Thanks to a friend of mine who is working for Joost (and who I would like to thank but won’t reveal for fear of invite spam), I’ve been playing around with their P2P streaming video service that is now in beta (formerly the Venice Project).

I installed it on my IBM R50p laptop, running XP. The install process was easy, just had to type a directory name and off it went. It’s very easy to use, the interface is nice with semi-transparent menus, and there were a good few content channels on there ranging from MTV shows to Fifth Gear to anime to National Geographic to record label streams. I liked the way you can choose what programmes in the channel you want to watch – no waiting around (apart from a 10-second startup delay). I didn’t have any stuttering but would need to try it out on wireless or elsewhere to see how it performs.

Some screenshots below… In the first, clicking on the icons on the left, top and right will bring you into the channel list, provider information and customisation views respectively. The second shows a subview of the channel list, displaying which programmes on a particular channel you can choose from. The last is the customised view with all the widgets I’ve turned on, including chats and feed reading.


So, can I see myself using this to watch content? Yes, and if I can get it displaying on my TV, even better…

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