Cambridge, the Semantic Web and Entrepreneurship

Had a busy but very productive 24 hours of dinners, meetings, and other discussions here in Cambridge. Last night, myself and Stefan met with Kingsley Idehen, where we had a great chat over dinner about SIOC, the Semantic Web and ongoing work in both OpenLink and DERI. We also had a meeting this morning with Tim Berners-Lee, after which we attended the MIT Technology and Entrepreneurship Forum (TEF), where I was talking about on the IT panel (TEF photos here). I had a discussion afterwards with Wolfgang Lindner about the future of social networking services. Lastly, I met with Fergus Hurley, John and Patrick Collison, suitably rounding off the day with lots of talk about entrepreneurship!

The IT panel at the MIT TEF: Anton Teodorescu, Mike Grandinetti, Fergus Hurley (organiser), Douglas Wyatt, Stefan Decker, John Breslin.

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