After the WebCamp workshop on social networks


A great day by my account at least (and by some others that I overheard!) was had at the WebCamp workshop on social networks held at DERI, NUI Galway yesterday.

Considering the short notice of just nine days, there was an impressive turnout of between 50 and 60 people, and as well as six talks in the morning we had some interesting “birds of a feather” discussion sessions in the afternoon.

All presentations from the day are available at SlideShare. We hope to publish some of the day’s videos to YouTube during the next week. Thanks to Conor and Uldis for their help with organising the event, and to Ina for recording the videos.

John Breslin – Introduction / overview

Conor Hayes – Topics, tags and trends in the blogosphere

Jill Freyne – Collecting community wisdom: integrating social search and social navigation

Andrew Page – The demand for search in a social network

Gabriela Avram – Where is the knowledge: reflections on social networking in corporate environments

Mark Tarbatt – Successful campaigns on the Bebo social network

Valdis Krebs – Social network analysis: 1987-2007

5 thoughts on “After the WebCamp workshop on social networks”

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  2. Those seem to help understand things quite a bit. I wanted to bring up though that there is a new social networking site that I think people should keep an eye on. It is – a social media site dedicated to movies. I don’t know how fast it will take off but some of the features they have are impressive: Drag and Drop to reorder your top movie list and the ability to instantly search for movies. Check it out if you get a chance – well of course only if you like movies.

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