T-SIOC, object-centered sociality

I’ve been reading Jyri Zengestrom’s post about object-centered sociality again and I think this illustrates one usage of our SIOC Types module (T-SIOC) very nicely. I’ve extended my previous picture showing a person being linked across communities to this idea of people (via their user profiles) being connected by the content they create together, co-annotate, or for which they use similar annotations. Bob and Carol are connected via bookmarked URLs that they both have annotated and also through events that they are both attending, and Alice and Bob are using similar tags and are subscribed to the same blogs.


(See also Jyri Zengestrom’s presentation on object-centered sociality, his paper on collaborative intentionality and social knots, and this resource about organisations and objects.)

17 thoughts on “T-SIOC, object-centered sociality”

  1. I’m always a big fan of crazy cool diagrams. So keep up the good work. (Not that I’m not interested in the actual work, but actual work is always made more kick ass with cool diagrams.)

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